Jul 06 2007

WiFi on a Mac at the Pelican Cafe

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Several times now I have tried using my MacBook Pro at the Pelican cafe in Guernsey. Each time however I have been able to connect to the network but wasn’t able to get access to the internet. It seemed that the DHCP service on the router wasn’t correctly sending out its details.

Today I finally figure out how to get things moving. Rather than trying to go down the DHCP route I opted to manually configure my TCP/IP network settings. In the Pelican they’re using a Linksys router which, by default, have an IP address of I connected to the wireless network and tried pinging that address and got a response, so entered that address as the router in the TCP/IP settings. Next I pick a random 192.168.1.* address for my machine and left the subnet mask as

The last bit of information you need to be able to use domain names in your browser is DNS server addresses. Rather than trying to remember these I’ve set up a network location on my machine called “Open Wireless” in which I’ve set the address of the OpenDNS routers:


So all I need to do is set that as my computers location when I get to the pelican.

Hey presto – Vanilla Late, Tomato & Mozzarella sandwich and free internet access. What else can you ask for at lunch time?

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