Jul 27 2007

Framing Pictures

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Since buying my wonderful Canon EOS 30D in January [2007], I have taken a few pictures that I would like to get framed. I have already got them printed up at 10×15 but this is not really a standard size to be able to buying a pre-made frame. I was rather shocked when I got a quote of £50 per picture.

Although I could probably get a better quote if I looked around I decided that I would instead have a go learning to make my own picture frames. I previously purchased some mounting materials and a 45˚ mount cutter so I can create a mount for my pictures, I got those from a local stationary shop (the Press Shop in Smith Street, St Peter Port). I also already had a craft knife for trimming down the mount.

What I didn’t have was the framing wood, glass, backing board, paper tape (for sealing the frame) or tools. The other day I came across diyframing.co.uk, they can supply all the materials required for framing and a broad selection of tools for amateurs right though to professionals. In fact their main aim seems to be helping people set up their own framing businesses. To get me started I have ordered a start pack which contains glass and backing board, I also ordered framing wood and paper tape.

Rather that ordering online I phoned them up in order to check about postage to the Guernsey and also about getting VAT removed. The person that I spoke to was extremely helpful and was quite happy to answer all the questions I asked. With regards postage, they had to call me back the next day after weighing the items but it work out very reason able and, two days later, the parcel has arrived.

The last items I require in order to start framing is a mitre saw, some glue, and fixings. All of which I shall be getting from B&Q this evening.

In total I think this will set me back approximately £70. One the face of it that seems quite a lot to me (my friends know I don’t like spending money!) but that is considerably less than the £150 I was quoted for professional framing 3 pictures and most of the money was for tools which will be reused in future framings. If, but some strange quirk of fate, I manage to get good at framing I may even add it as an option to Encaptured.com but I shalln’t make any promises just yet.

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