Jan 03 2008

Around The World In 180 Days

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I’ve just realised that it’s two months now since I bought my new motorbike, a lovely yellow/grey BMW R1200GS, mint condition, full hard luggage, low millage, engine bars, ABS, alarm. And it been a month since some silly old lady pulled out in front of me without looking and the bike still hasn’t been fixed… and I’ve got to have an x-ray on my knee :(

Never mind, with all the free time on may hands that I’m not spend on the bike I’m able to watch videos on YouTube about the 1200GS. My good friend Shane pointed me in the direction of the ones below:

We’ve been talking for sometime about doing a trip to Iceland on bikes and to do photography. Watching these makes me want to do something like that all the more. Now that Shane is learning to ride it might become a reality… so long as my bike gets fixed.

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