Jul 02 2008

Re-Installing Windows Sharepoint Services

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Part of my job with Contract5 I have to do development on the Windows Sharepoint Services platform.  In order to facilitate this I setup a VMWare virtual machine with Windows 2008 Server, Sharepoint and Visual Studio 2008.

However, I made the bad error of deciding to change the computer name once all of the above was installed.  Unfortunately I didn’t realise that the computer name was so deeply rooted in the Sharepoint installation.  I also tried reverting the computer name back to it’s original value but this didn’t seem to make much difference, if anything it made the situation worse.

No amount of removing Sharepoint and re-installing it made any difference as the original settings still seemed to be there.  Eventually I gave in and completely rebuilt the VM.

I have since discovered that my problems were all due to the four Sharepoint databases that got installed the first time round which are not removed when Sharepoint is un-installed.  I have found a this knowledge base article on removing the Sharepoint databases: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/920277

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