Sep 22 2008

Where To Drink Coffee In Guernsey

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Being an IT contractor means that when I’m not working at a clients site I have to find my own space to work. Luckily, having a laptop with full software development environment on it (VS2008, SharePoint & CRM) means that I can work pretty much where ever I like.

When I’m in Jersey I like to work out of my employers office. There are lots of people around so you get to hear the latest news, they have a great coffee machine and it’s a generally relaxed atmosphere.

The same can’t be said for the Guernsey office. It tends to be just me there, so it’s very quiet, and there isn’t a coffee machine (yet). As a result I tend to spend a lot of time working out of cafes. I have three regular places that I go to get my coffee fix: Christies, Woodies and Pelican.

Which one I choose depends on my computing requirements. If I’m going to be there a while and/or need power for my laptop I tend to go to Christies. The coffee is of adequate quality (although they don’t have flavour syrups) and the tables by the power sockets are usually free early to mid morning. The down side of Christies is that it’s not the cheapest and wifi has to be hijacked from Moores hotel opposite and keeps dropping out – not very good of screencasts.

If I’m going to be less than an hour and don’t need power then I’ll head to the Pelican cafe. They have free wireless, good coffee with syrups (hmmm… vanilla!) and the foods tastes good at a reasonable price. I’ve been a regular at the Pelican for quite a few years now, I used to get breakfast their before school on occasions but their lack of power sockets is letting them down.

By far the best for coffee is Woodies. They have a loyalty card scheme – buy 10, get the 11th free. If you have special requirements they’re more than happy to cater for you (small cappuccino, extra shot, extra froth, easy on the milk!). They have a really nice seating area down stairs with power sockets but AFAIK they don’t have wifi. I tend to go to Woodies if I’m heading to the office.

Other place you might consider for coffee are: All in Black – lots of stairs to walk up, unknown on the wifi or power sockets front, Dix Neuf – nice enough by the far end of town to the office, pot luck as to whether they seat you near a power socket and unknown on the wifi front.

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