Jun 01 2009

Use Bing As Safari Search Provider

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I’m always looking for the next great thing when it comes to Search.  Google is great but I can’t help but feel it could be better.  Since attending a developer course for FAST ESP back in January I’ve been looking for a Search provider that does more for navigating results rather than just allowing you to page through X thousand results until you get bored and try other search terms.

Microsoft may have hit the nail on the head with Bing.com.  Whilst I think the interface could do with a bit more thought, the features are spot on.

Unfortunately Safari browser on MacOS is tied to Google.com as the search provider.  Change the search provider requires changing the source code of the application… or Glims – a nifty Safari plugin.

Once Glims is downloaded and installed, open the Safari Preferences and under the Glims tab select “Search Engines”.

GLims Search Providers

You then need to add a new search engine with the following settings:

Bing.com settings

For the copy-paste folks out there, the url should be: http://www.bing.com/search?q=#query#

You can drag-drop the Bing search engine to the top of the Glims search engines list.  Also, select Bing from the search engines drop-down in the search box of a Safari browser window.

I’m not sure if this is required for it to work, but you may need to set your Bing.com region to being the U.S.A.: http://bit.ly/42kg8

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