Mar 02 2005


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For some time now I have been trying to think what I could possibly write on this about page. I had previously created a simple page about me, where I’m from and what I do but that seemed just a little too plain.

What I thought this page required was something whitty, insightful, intellegent… soemthing that would capture the minds and hearts of the people that might visit my site. Just now, however, I realised that I, as a person, am a little bit plain possibly even dull or boring, I’m not a terribly good writer (as my blog is probably testament to) and I’m not very original.

Therefore, anything that I put on this page that fulfills the above requirements will almost certainly be copied from some other site or source. So I’m not going to put anything on this page. If you wish to find out about me you’ll just have to contact me directly. If you can’t figure out how to contact me then whatever it is that you have to say can’t be that important.

In the absence of any really information about me I thought it might be interesting if I let you know what extensions I am currently using in Firefox. Whilst this may not sound very exciting to most people, to the geeks out there it may give a little insight into the type of techie I really am.

  • GMail Notifier
  • Tabbrowser preferences
  • Web developer
  • Adblock Plus
  • Javascript Options
  • Adblock Filterset.G Updater
  • GreaseMonkey
  • Performancing

Finally, because I don’t have anything original to say, here are a few quotes from sites I’ve visited:

To build great tyres, you need testers who are willing to work on Sundays.

Michelin Two-Wheel Website
7th September 2005

Please accept our apologies if this short delay causes you any inconvenience. Rest assured, our team will be working hard to quickly process and despatch your orders when we return to work on Tuesday.
15th September 2005

On this site you won’t find any discussion or reference to Tesla creating Free Energy, the Philadelphia Experiment, Tunguska Explosion, Scalar Weapons, Pyramid Power, Ley Lines, etc.
Bert Hickman 16th September 2005

aidy: it seems to be mostly goths and punks that hang out on myspace
damieng: lol
damieng: you should fit right in then ;-)
damieng: 25% goth, 25% punk, 25% geek, 25% unknown origin but includes trace elements of bell ringing.
Conversation between myself & Damieng 5th November 2006

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind killer. Fear is the little death that brings total oblivion”

Peter Puppy – Earthworm Jim TV Series

Just as a little foot note, you really shouldn’t relly too heavily on the information that I publish on this website. Whilst I make every effort to ensure that the information is correct, that effort really isn’t very much. And besides, you really shouldn’t take much notice of information on the internet, most of it is lies and as most of what I write is based on what I have read on the internet it follows that most of what I write is lies… simple first year computer science degree predicate logic.


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