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Apr 12 2005

Offer For Sunday

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I’ve been offered the opportunity to go ringing at the town church on Sunday morning. Apparently they only to call changes at the town church as they have several ringers who can only do call changes.

I’ve been coming along quite well with call changes and have been fairly good (I think) at keeping up with the changes, until last night when I suddenly realised that the change that had been called meant that I should be leading which is something I’ve not done before at which point I did absolutely nothing, gave the person that was guiding me a look of sheer panic and mumbled something along the lines of WTF? to myself (I think). Luckily the person calling the changes realised that nothing was happening and changed the call again to put me back in the middle.

After we’d stopped ringing I was given a quick brief as to how to lead the ring… Yeah, right, maybe next week.

Also, there is a district meet on Saturday. It has been suggested that I might be proposed as a provisional Guild Member. I could only become a provisional member as I haven’t run on a Sunday yet. If people were to realise that time is not linear I could be proposed as a full member on saturday… but people are fixed in their ways.

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Mar 04 2005

More Rounds and Some Call Changes

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Tonight I had a go at ringing four rounds. The first round was a straight round rung on the front six, I took the second bell and I must say it was a bit dismal compared with how I have rung before. Then again I was warming up as it was a very cold evening in the tower.

The second round was another straight round but this time I was on bell six. This one was much better than the first round and I was able to take my eyes off the person ahead of me and to start looking at the preceeding people to try and get a feel for the whole rythm.. not just the bell in front of me.

The third round I played on six again, only this time David introduced call changes. This is when I change places with the bell that is ringing either in front or behind me (depending on the call), I don’t physically change bells I change the order inwhich they are rung. This didn’t go too bad but I was having to correct myself alot to get into the correct ringing position.

The fourth round was again to have a go at some call changes and I chose to ring on bell four. It wasn’t until everyone else had taken up position that I was told that bell four was the worst to ring in the tower… how bad can it be? Very bad. I was constantly under ringing and we only managed to get one change in because I was so all over the place.

Note to self:- Avoid bell four!!!

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Mar 01 2005

Getting To Know The Ropes

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I went to the Vale church today as I’m going to have to switch churches in the next month and a half if I want to carry on ringing as thursday night sailing will be start in April.

The bells in the Vale and quite different to the bells in the town church. For starters they are a lot lighter. For starters the tennor bell in the town church is either 14 or 22cwt (I can’t remember which) whereas the tennor in the Vale church is only 6cwt but the bells at the Vale church also have much longer ropes, which means that the hand stroke needs to be pulled reletively harder (or so I’m told).

I started with ringing bell 5 on my own, quickly followed by a round. I got in a bit of a flap but managed to keep it going (with a bit of help).

By the end of the evening I had had a go at ringing bells 2, 4 and 5. I was starting to get used to the difference between these bells and the town bells but I always seem to be correcting myself. Where everyone else appears to be falling straight into the rhythm I seem to be always either over or under pulling and therefore I ahve to correct myself. As with everything it takes practice… I just feel like I’m disrupting everyone elses practice time when they should be practicing their more complex methods. I suppose everyone has to learn at sometime, they probably felt the same when they were learning.

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Feb 25 2005

I’ve Got An Excuse This Time

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Tor was only just back from America and was suffering from jet-lag so I just had to go along to bell-ringing to let them know.

Whilst I was there I had a go at ringing all of the different bells in the town church. I also had a go at ringing more rounds. I think I’m getting the hang of finding the balance point… I just need more practice to become more consistant.

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Feb 18 2005

I Can Stop Any Time I Like

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Tors skiing in Colorado this week so I have no cover for going to bell-ringing. I guess it must be official now!

There were a lot more people this week as it is half term and so a couple of girls and their families that normally ring at St Peters church came along to the town church.

I rang my first round. It didn’t go terribly well but it was my first go and it was too too bad. Still I felt a little put out because a tiny little thirteen year-old was better than me, then again she has been ringing for over two years.

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Feb 10 2005

My Last Time… I Promise

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Well, here I am again. This week I put together both the back stroke and the hand stroke.

I got into a bit of a mess with the rope and had to be rescued by my teacher. I got a bit flustered and in a bit of a panic but I wasn’t killed so I guess it wasn’t too bad.

Despite my slip-ups everyone seems to agree that my basic technique is ok and they all want me to continue (they’re a bit short of ringers at the town church!)

I had a go at ringing on both the trebble and second bell.

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Feb 04 2005

Tor Want To Go On My Bike

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Note: This has been written retrospectively.

I thought I’d bring Tor to bell ringing again. Firstly because he likes riding on my bike and secondly because I wanted to have another go – but I’m not telling anyone that because I don’t know if I’ll be continuing.

I managed to pull both the back stoke and the hand stoke (but not at the same time).

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Jan 27 2005

Found By Accident

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Note: This has been written retrospectively.

I started bell ringing today. It was my turn to take my nephew, Tor, along for his lesson and whilst I was there I ahd a quick go.

I only got as far as ringing the back stroke… but its only my first go so I can’t expect too much.

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