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Jan 23 2007

Guernsey Gets Face Lift In Google Earth

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I loaded up Google Earth this morning to take a look at where Christchurch Priory is and, as usual, first took a look at Guernsey to confirm that Google still hadn’t updated the imagery for this area. To my complete astonishment Google has updated the images of Guernsey.

Although the images aren’t at a terribly good resolution, at least it is possible to see just about the whole island, rather that it being covered in cloud or cloud shadow. Unfortunately none of the roads are marked, and some of the parish/area names are in the wrong places.

After months of waiting for either Google or Digimap to supply clean images (Google won this race) I can finally start creating all the layers I have been planning.

Open mapping, it seems, is coming to Guernsey

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Jan 10 2007

Guernsey Press Online Reader

I found out today that the Guernsey Press is testing an online edition of the newspaper.  I don’t mean a new version of, but an online reader for the actual print paper.  Whilst this, at first glance, seems to be a move in the right direction they really need to look at the way they’re doing it.

Firstly, it seems that it will only be available to Internet Explorer users.  I presume they’re going to be using some proprietory ActiveX control for viewing the paper. This is a really bad move if you ask me, whilst IE 7 is an improvement in past version it still falls short of the mark and many people prefer alternative browsers (Firefox, Opera, Safari, Konquerer).

Secondly, it seems that they’re planning on charging £10/month for the service.  Which, if you exclude Sundays, works out at about 36p per day.  This is only 4p less than the physical paper costs.  Quite how they can justify this price when they don’t have to cover the costs of the physical paper (raw materials, distribution, machinery, etc.) is beyond me. 

Thirdly, it isn’t very well written.  On the login page, every time a key is press, when the password box has focus, a javascript funtion is called to see if the enter button is pressed.  This is totally redundant as any half decent browser will provide this functionality for free.  If that is how the login page is written I dread to think what the rest of the site is like.  I have another reason for concern about the programming of the site but I need to contact the developers before I make it public.

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Aug 03 2006

Digimap Google Earth

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Digimap LogoThe Google Earth layer for Guernsey that I created has finally been updated a bit. This update just adds a couple of extra images and straightens up a couple of the existing ones. I’ve also added a new layer that contains a network link to the layer, if you use this new network link you will always get the latest version of the Guernsey layer as I update it.

I’ve been meaning to blog about Google Earth, Guernsey and Digimap for a couple of weeks now – yes I have seen you Digimap guys visiting my site! What I wanted to blog about was a mysterious meeting I had at the Digimap offices. A while back I was contacted (via a third party) by Digimap and was asked if you want to go for a meeting with them. No information was given as to what the meeting was about so, like the curious person I am, I went along.

Not knowing whether I was going to get a rollicking for using thier images, a job offer (for my great work on the Google Earth layer ;)) or some other reason I was, understandably, rather aprehensive. In the end it turn out to be them wanting to get to know the person behind the Google Earth layer and also a bit of a PR excercise… if I’m writing about Digimap they want to make sure that I know that they’re the good guys.

A couple of interesting points did come up in the meeting however:

  • Digimap is (I think) a subsidiary of the States of Guernsey but has to be completely self funding, therefore they need to sell the data in order to cover the cost of collection the data – no open source mapping in Guernsey using Digimap data then!
  • Digimap has contacted Google and Navteq offering Guernsey data but both turned down the offer saying they had sufficient coverage of Guernsey to not need new data.
  • Google Earth is soon going to have 60cm (IIRC) images of Guernsey – lets hope half the island isn’t going to be covered by cloud again!
  • Digimap try to do as much imagineering as possible – again this si contrained by the need to be self-funding.
  • Digimap will continue to monitor this blog for new ideas for them to try.
  • I can continue with the Google Earth layer using their images.
  • If I was I can host their images stitched together on my site for better alignment in Google Earth (I have written conscent).
  • If I wish they will try to provide better images for me to host for my Google Earth layer.

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Nov 04 2005

Don’t Expose Implementation In Title

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I know its a little late in the day but Damien and I have been having a bit of a rant about what the title should say about a product/event. The reason this came about is because I was saying that the TennerFest website is down at the moment becaues I’m trying to find somewhere to go out to this evening.

So what do I mean? Well, the title of the event is TennerFest because when it started serveral years ago the idea was that you could go to any participating restaurant in the Channel Islands and have a meal for £10 (a tenner). As time has gone by, however, more and more restaurants are offering meals for £12.50 or £15. The title of the event suggests all restaurants implementing the event will do so for a tenner…. the implementation is eposed in the title. However this is not the case and therefore the title is miss-leading.

They really should have chosen a better title which would allow more freedom of implementation for the participants such as:

  • FoodFest
  • FeastFest
  • StuffYourselfFest

Damien has more on the Exposing Implementation subject, so keep an eye on his blog.

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