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Feb 07 2005

Anti Spam Behavioural Order (ASBO)

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I have just created an ASBO notice page for all the people trying to view my site from a restricted IP Address.

Over the weekend I received over 300 spam comments… that’s right, 300 in two days!!!! Luckily Spam Karma has been pretty good at detecting and destroying the comments, only 3 comments managed to make it through undetected.

Due to this increased activity I am going to be increasing my efforts to add spammers IP addresses to my .htaccess deny directives. This may result in some valid users being deny access, so I created a friendly page where they can read about their denial of access and how they can contact me about it.

I’ve taken the name Anti Spam Behavioural Order from the controversial British Anti Social Behavioural Order which is aimed at restraining the few that spoil it for the masses. What is more ironic is that the British ASBOs are mainly aimed at children (who cannot receive a jail sentence) and it is probably Script Kiddies that a responsible for the spam comments I am receiving on this site!

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Feb 02 2005

.Htaccess Deny

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I’ve gotten fed-up with Comment Spammers and referal spammers clogging up my weblogs so I have started to take drastic action!

I have started adding Deny From x.x.x.x in my sites .htaccess file, as per the instructions on the WordPress Codex site.

The IP address are taken from the IP address that Spam Karma has picked up as being mass-spammers, so I hope there is little chance that genuine requests are being blocked.

I am considering writing a plugin to WordPress that will add/remove IP address as they are added and deleted in Spam Karma, or as a seperate list to Spam Karma but which can get its list from a blacklist table.

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Feb 01 2005

Pre-Upgrade Upgrade

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I have been forced to install the Spam Karma plugin for WordPress ahead of my planned upgrade to WordPress 1.5.

I have been working on a new theme for the site and have been planning on cleaning up all of the junk that has managed to creep into my current installation. My plans were to have Spam Karma installed with the upgrade so that it would be working with a clean system.

Those plans went to pot this morning when I received my first Trackback spam. I now have now installed Spam Karma along side about four other hack attempts at stopping the spam… hopefully one of them will work correctly.

I am still planning an upgrade. Maybe this will make me increase my efforts at getting the new site finished.

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Aug 17 2003

Website Improvements

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I have finally managed to get my gallery back online.  Whilst there aren’t many pictures in there at the moment, I must point out that the pictures which are there, are NOT censored… apart from one picture from Portugal which had to be deleted due to its content.
The gallery is currently located at  Phrixus is currently working on integrating the gallery into my site, so when he has finished that, and I have finished building the blog we’ll be gringing!!

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