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Jun 08 2005

Free Service

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I was a little supprised this morning. I went to Duques Garage in Guernsey to collect my bike which had been taken in for its first service prior to my touring holliday to Norway. When I asked if there was a charge for the service I was told “No, it’s the first service.”

Those that are enlightened will know why this supprised me. For those that have yet to see the light, I am sorry but at this time I am unable to say explicitly why I was supprised… lets just say I was expecting to have to pay!!!

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Jun 07 2005

When Does A Journey Begin?

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Most people will answer this with a simple “When you’ve packed your bags and are walking out of the door!”. But is that really the answer? Maybe the question I’m asking is a bit more metaphysical or rhtorical.

For me, my current journey started some time earlier this year when I decided to embark on a motorcycle touring holiday to Norway this summer. Since February/March I have been plotting and planning every last detail I can think of in order to make this journey as smooth and simple as possible and at last the final details are falling into place.

My bike is in the garage having its final service, I’ve got a pile of after-market parts to put on the bike when I get it back, I’ve got a tailpack waiting to be collected from Riders, I’ve removed my intercom and alarm from my old bike ready to be fitted to the new bike, all by important documents have been copied in triplicate (one copy to take with me, one copy for my sister to take and one copy to leave at home) and all my clothes are washed and ready to be packed (thanks mum!).

So when does a journey begin? It doesn’t! At least it doesn’t have one definative start… but it does have a finish to the start and thats when you’ve packed your bags and close the door behind you.

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Jun 03 2005

New Bike For A New Adventure

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Suzuki Bandit
As you may, or may not, I have recently splashed out on a new bike. Yes I finally hung up my gixxer keys for the last time and can now been seen riding around the island of Guernsey on a Suzuki GSF600-K3 Bandit.

The bike in question is a 2003 model Bandit that was original purchased in 2004 by a friend of my sister. The original purchaser found the bike was too big for her and so it has been sat in a garage for that past year with only 200 miles on the clock.

The bike is in absolutely mint condition and was being sold at a price that I couldn’t refuse. Plus I wasn’t sure that my old gixxer would be up to touring holiday in Norway so this bike was a bit of a god send in that respect.

I’ve had to buy a few parts for the bike, in order to get it ready for the trip, such as a screen and rear hugger but I’ll post more about those latter.

So here’s to a new bike for a new adventure. I’ll be leaving Guernsey on the 11th June and hopefully I’ll be keeping my blog up to date as I make my way to the north of Norway and back.

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