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Mar 16 2005

I’m Going On Holiday

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Hooray, hooray its a holi-holi-day.I’ve booked tickets to take my bike over to England for the Easter weekend. I’m taking the overnight ferry to Portsmouth on the Thursday night arriving at 6am on the Friday morning. I’ll be returning on the Monday fast-ferry from Poole at 4pm. During the weekend I’ll be staying with my Uncle so my bike will have to be able to make it to Cheltenham. I would also like to be able to get to Nottingham as well to see Amber whom I haven’t seen in an age.The ferry ticket has also been booked for my North Sea crossing in June so, all being well, I shall be riding to the north of Norway.

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Mar 11 2005

Gixxer Photo

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It was nice and sunny this lunch time so I decided to go out and take some pictures of my gixxer.

(click for full-size image – 135Kb.)

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Mar 08 2005

Chains, Luggage and Music

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This post is going to be a bit of a hodge-podge of all things related to my bike that have been happening recently (somethings may be in future posts, only with a different slant).

First up is my chain tensioning experience. I successfully managed to re-tension my chain on Saturday afternoon, after which my bike rode like a dream. Smooth gear changes, easy shifting into neutral, jerkless clutch releases. Unfortunately, when it came to tighten the axel nuts my torque-wrench only goes up to 95Nm. The Haynes manual for my bike says to tension the axel nuts to 85-115Nm. I thought it would be alright doing them up to 95Nm but I think it may not have been enough and the chain my be becoming loose again. I guess I’ll have to head past the Bridge Motorshop on my way home for lunch tomorrow and get a big fat torque-wrench that does at least 115Nm.

This lunchtime I took my helmet to Ryders, a motorbike accessories shop in Guernsey, to get my Autocom headset fitted. The base-unit is being fitted on Saturday morning so I will soon be able to use my phone, listen to music on my new iPod (I said some stuff may relate to other posts) and talk to passengers (if I get another headset. The Autocom unit can also be connected to a two-way radio for bike-bike and bike-car communication.

Whilst I was at Riders I also purchased a set of 2005 model Oxford Sports panniers and a tank-top map reader. I haven’t fully tested the panniers yet but they fit on the bike better than the 2004 panniers which I tested at the shop. They seem to be massive and have loads of pockets and even come with rain covers!!! Over the next few weeks those of you in Guernsey will probably see me riding around with them on so that I can get used to them before I head off to England in a couple of weeks.

I’m also waiting for Riders to get a pair of Spada trousers in so I can try them for size. I want to get some proper riding trousers before I do some serious riding in England. I’m hoping to stay at various Youth Hostels in England so that I get full use of my YHA membership, it will also be cheap and I’ll be able to travel around a lot.

England here I com!!!

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Mar 04 2005

Check Chain Tension

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I must remember this weekend to check the chain tension on my gixxer. I’ve noticed recently that gear changes seem to be getting a bit sloppy and when I back off the throttle there is a deffinate jolt when the chain catches up with itself – atleast thats the best way I can describe it.

Its not that long since I last tensioned it but I think I’ve developed a terminal case of downshifting too quickly. There is one corner on my way home from work that I always shift down too quickly on and lock the back wheel. Coming around the Vale Castle towards my house is a nice long left-hander, followed by a long right-hander which leads onto a short but fast straight (within the limits of the law!). At the end of the straight is a tight left-hander and its this corner that is causing me problems I’m shifting down too far for the amount that I’m braking.

I’m shifting from 4th/5th straight into 2nd but I need second on the exit of the corner to be able to get my bike upright again and excellerate out of the corner before go too far in the corner and ram the boats that are stored on the side of the road. There are two things I can do to correct this:

  1. Start slowing down earlier on the straight.
  2. Get a new bike with a slipper clutch and ABS.

I think I’ll try slowing down earlier… get me some good habbits before I get a new bike.

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Mar 02 2005

Dumb BMW Driver

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I just had the funniest thing happen to me as I was riding back to work. Between my house and my work is a long wide stretch of road that is usually clogged with standing traffic. This makes for perfect jam-busting on my gixxer.

Before I continue with this story I’d like to point out that I am a law abiding motorcyclist (since I got busted for speeding) and that all of my overtaking manoeuvres adhere to the Guernsey laws.

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Feb 22 2005

The Power Of The Gixxer

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I got my bike back this lunch time. The lights, indicators and horn are all working again. :)

It was quite a shock going from a little 50cc scooter back to my 750cc GSX-R. The scooter may have been a bit slow to accelerate but it was light and nimble and maneuverable where as the gixxer is fast to accelerate but heavy and un-responsive and difficult to maneuver.

But I like it !

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Feb 21 2005

Scooter Fun

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I took my gixxer back to the garage today (again!). This time it’s having its wiring sorted out. I have a minon electrical fault when the connector block for my headlights burnt out, so I’ve not been able to ride in the dark for the past week.

I managed to convince the garage that they should give me a loan bike, so I’ve got a little twist and go thing. This morning was the first time that I’ve ridden a scooter and now I know why. I thought the pick-up on my gixxer was slow but this scooter (compared with my bike) feels like its almost reversing. On a clear, straight stretch of road I managed to just hit 35mph.

I’m also used to braking with just the front brake on my Gixxer but on the scooter the first time I stopped I pulled on the front brake and it just carried on – the front wheel was locked but I was still moving forward!!! Also, I can’t quite get my head around this not having to change gears thing, it’s just not natural. And how can you stop without having to hold the clutch in? It just doesn’t make sense. And no I’ve never driven an automatic car either.

I guess I’ll get used to it. The one advantage it does have is that it’s got under seat storage… most usefull!

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Feb 17 2005

Friendly Police

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I’ve been pulled over by the police so many times now on my Gixxer that I think its becoming a habit rather than just randomness, so now I always carry my license and insurance documents with me.

The other night (Tuesday I think) I was riding home from somewhere and got stuck behind a car that was driving at about 25mph (on a 35mph road). Thinking it was an old couple I stayed behind rather than blasting past them and frightening them. To cut a long story short I waited until a nice wide clear section of road before overtaking.

After overtaking I continued at about 40mph (to catch up on lost ground) only to notice that the car had sped up and was keeping pace with me. This continued for about a mile until we reached a 25mph zone.

Unfortunately for me my primary fuel ran out at that point so I had to switch over to reserve. My bike doesn’t like making the switch so I have to rev it up a bit to keep it running smooth. At was at this point in time that the old coggers behind me decided to switch their nice blue flashey lights on. Doh!

It seems that the only folks that were driving at 25mph were infact police. So I pulled over (as soon as it was safe to do so) and prepared for the biggest bollocking since I got done for doing 67 in a 35 zone. To my delight the policeman that got out of the car was none other than [hidden identity] with whom I used to go to school with. I immediately did the whole “a’right mate! Haven’t seen you in years” thing and “I see you’re still in the police” thing, I quickly pulled out my license and insurance to prove that I wanted to be a compliant as possible with the police.

It appears that it worked. I just gave me a ticking of in the way that “old friends who haven’t seen each other in years but one of them is a police office and has to tell the other one off” do, and I was on my way again.

Of this whole episode that most bizarre thing wasn’t that I got stopped (thats all too common for me), it wasn’t that it was an old school friend that stopped me, no, it was the car. It was a Honda Stream people carrier type thing. Not the sor tof car that you’d expect to be use as an unmarked police car.

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Feb 08 2005

More Info About My Gixxer

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I’ve been trying to track down part numbers for my bike as I’m trying to get it in as good a condition as possible for when I head off this summer.

I found the Alpha Sports website, in America, which has been a god send in finding out the original part numbers for my bike. Currently, however, I’m trying to find parts to replace missing and broken bits of the fairings (cowlings) and fixings. The Alpha Sports website list parts for a model 7JJ and a model 9SR. O… k… I though that knowning it was a GSX-R750 J would be good enough but what the hell is this 7JJ and 9SR.

Back to Google and after several wrong turns (including Anderson Vintage Parts, which I may come back to later) I found a Japanese site (google translation) with a history of the GSX-R and for 1988 it has a picture if the 750J in both its Blue/White and Red/White colour schemes. Under the Blue/White piture is written 9SR and under the Red/White is written 7JJ.

I guess my bike is a 7JJ… back to Alpha Sports!

I’ve just found another site in the UK that supplies parts for the GSX-R750J, its over at

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Jan 25 2005

Speeding fines makes International news

It appears that the news of Norway increasing its speeding fines has made it into the international papers.

From February the already astronomical speeding fines will be hiked up a further 30% to 7,800 kroner (£660).

Not that I’m planning to speed. But then I neveer planned to speed in Guernsey… but these things occasionally happen.

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