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Jan 26 2006

Fastr with Flickr

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This one comes via the Make: blog.

Fastr is a game that uses flickr images. It loads ten images that all share a common tag, one by one, and you guess what the tag is. When you guess right, the tag will turn blue. Then you can watch the pictures until the next set begins. The faster you guess, the more points you get.

I’ve already wasted far too much time on it this morning and will probably waste more before the day is out.

Link to: Fastr

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Jan 09 2006

Upgrade Imminent

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I was around at my friends house over the weekend and he showed me some cool tools he’s running.  First up was WordPress 2.0 thats he’s already installed on his server.  I’ve been thinking of doing the upgrade but have left it as I couldn’t see what the benefits were.

OMG. WordPress 2.0 is should be renamed “WordPress-On-Steroids”.  Most of the changes I saw were on the Admin side of things.  Just about everything seemed to be configurable and moveable, with just about everything being AJAXed (not sure if this is a good thing or not yet), but their live previews are just astounding.  As a result I have decided to upgrade sooner rather than later, my site may therefore experience some downtime as the upgrade is being done.

Secondly, he showed me the Performancing plugin for Firefox.  This is a neat plugin that allows you to blog directly from with Firefox.  It opens a split pane document at the bottom of the window so that you can continue browsing whilst you are blogging without needing to switch windows… most excellent!  I’m going to give it a whirl and see how it goes.  There are already a couple of things I have noticed that I am missing from other blogging tools but I’m willing to forgive it if the advantages are big enough.

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Oct 07 2005


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Thanks to Phrixus for pointing me in the direction of the FAlbum plugin for WordPress.

I’ve only just installed it and already I’m really impressed. It was litterally a two second install:

  • Upload the files.
  • Authorise the plugin with Flickr.
  • Create a dummy page that redirects to the plugin.

It ties in really neatly with the site, I didn’t need to make any modification to the plugin… it just uses the current theme. Even the list of tags is using the right theme colours.

So far I have’t uploaded many photos to Flickr but that was because it was such a pain to try and get the images tied into my blog. Now with this plugin I’m sure I’ll be uploading a whole load more pictures.

You check out the photos that i have uploaded here, they’re mostly of my Bandit at the moment.

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Sep 15 2005

How To Beat The Juicy Fruit!

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I just got a link from BoingBoing to the appalling Juice Fruit blog site and believe me it is bad!

Anyway, on the Juicy Fruit site there is a game to see how long you can hold down you mouse key on a part of the site (its all done in Flash). The first thing I noticed was that the longest times that they have got listed on the page is over 99 days!!!! How can this be? Well, I decided to have a go and see if I could beat the system. And what do you know… I did! Whilst I am typing this the clock on the Juicy Fruits site is still ticking away and I haven’t had to do anything like taping down the button on my mouse.

So how did I do it? Simple, I used the menu! What you have to do is:

  1. Click and hold down the left mouse button.
  2. Whilst holding down the left button, click the right button to bring up the Flash context menu.
  3. Release both buttons.
  4. Move your mouse cursor away from the context menu and the flash content.
  5. Minimize the webpage.

So long as you do not move the mouse cursor over the flash content on the webpage the clock will continue to tick away. You can restore and minimise the page till you hearts content and the clock will keep ticking.

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Sep 07 2005

Programming Fonts

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Damien (friend & co-worker) has recently released two fixed-width fonts which he has created for programming, Envy Code A and Envy Code B.

Envy Code A was the first to be created but Envy Code B soon followed. I have been using pre-release versions of these fonts for about a month now and have become quite fond of the Envy Code B font, not just for programming but also for use in IM.

Rumor has it that there are more fonts on the way…. to find out more you’ll have to keep an eye on Damiens site (sorry no RSS feed for his main website).

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Sep 05 2005

The Pen Is Mightier

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Everyone knows the old saying “The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword” but I think that might be taking the phrase a little too literally.

This morning I received my monthly newsletter from them to find that the top news item from them is about $1000 grants that they are giving to people planning a trip. However, it seems that you need to be a literary killer in order to qualify for the grant:

Travel Grants: Earn $1000 for your trip
At the Wikimedia Conference, held in Frankfurt at the beginning of August, we presented our new programme:Travel Grants
The idea is that if you are planning this cool trip and you think it would be interesting to write about the places you go to on, you can receive a travel grant. We will be giving away $10,000 in total to the people with the best plans, best writings kills or most enthusiasm!

Assuming they meant writing skills I guess the person that wrote the email wont be qualifying for a grant!

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Jul 20 2005

Google Does It Again!

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A new item has appear in the Google blog entitled Moon Children. It seems that someone at google had the dream of producing a Google Maps version for the moon. So they did.

Two things should be noted though. Firstly, it only covers a very tiny area of the moon… if you zoom out you’ll see what I mean. Secondly, Google has amazing provided proof that the moon IS made of cheese… again zoom right in and you’ll see what I mean.

In other Google news, I found this blog post from a guy that got let off a traffic violation thanks to Google Maps.

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Jul 07 2005

Lucky #*%!

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It seems that Damien has finally made it onto the website in an update to their post about Microsoft re-classification of Claria in their anti-spyware software.

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Jul 07 2005

More Currency Conversion

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Further to my previous post about online currency conversion, I have just seen on the google blog that the google calculation engine now supports currency conversion… how cool is that!!!

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Dec 14 2004

Auto complete comes of age

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This article at sitepoint highlights a nice new feature that google is developing for their search engine… autocomplete.

There are, of course, good and bad things about this feature. The first immediate bad point is googles choice of word filtering. The most obvious words, such as f**k and c**t are being filtered, but also more ambiguous words such as tits. Those of you that are as single minded as google will immediately think of the female variety, but there is also the feathered variety. Google does allow you to search for bluetit but really doesn’t like you searching for bluetits.

The good side of the autocomplete feature is that it gives you a good idea of the keywords and links to add to your site to try and boost your ratings and get you further up the alphabetical list.

Finally there’s the comedy factor… just try typing in “bill gates is ” or “george bush is “, I’m sure you can think of a few others. And the first item when you type in “h” is (Microsofts rival to GMail), and I wonder why “Paris Hilton” is at the top of the “p” list?

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