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Aug 18 2004

MojaviBuilder release X

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This release is to support a new coding convention that has started up. MojaviBuilder now allows you to add the name of the module to the name of a class. This update requires you to modify the XML code templates should you wish to use this new feature. You will need to change the XML templates to add %module% to the Action <open> and <constructor> elements (and the view <open> and <constructor> elements if required?). Jason Rowe has provided a copy of his XML template for Mojavi 2 (you will need to copy it over you existing MojaviTwo.xml file). For more information about this you should read this Mojavi forum post.

You can grab a copy of MojaviBuilder release X from here.

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Jul 14 2004

MojaviBuilder release 6

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I’ve just made my sixth release of MojaviBuilder. This is yet another fix on the code generation function, to make sure that existing files to not get over written when you re-generate a project.

I have also been asked why in the View::Execute function I use getAttribute(‘Renderer’);”);?> instead of as is shown in the Mojavi framework documentation et al. This is because I use a Filter to set up a global Renderer, my reasons for this are [1] reduced code replication as you’re not creating and setting up the Renderer in each and every view, and [2] greater Renderer independance, as you can change the Renderer that is being used by simply changing it in the Filter… simple!

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Jul 02 2004

More app development

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Is it July already??? My god, I’ve got so much to do but I keep running out of time so I’ll keep this short.

Just wanted to let folks know that I’ve started work on porting my MojaviBuilder app to PHP-GTK. Development is a little slow as my proper job has to take priority. But in my research about PHP-GTK I cam across this little gem of an article about skinning GTK apps in PHP using XPM.

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May 24 2004

Another Release

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I’ve had to make another release of my Mojavi Builder application. This release changes the destructive behaviour of the file generation process. Now, the file generation will not empty the project path directory and it will not over-write any existing files.


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May 14 2004

Mojavi Builder – Third?

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GoogleVersion 3 of my Mojavi Builder application is now online.

This version adds the option of creating class files for either Mojavi 1 or Mojavi 2. It also adds some basic error checking for the file generation… but it’s still not that advanced. Future versions will include generation logging so that errors can be traced.

As before, you will need to un-install any previously installed MojaviBuilder from your system, and you will need to have the .NET Framework 1.1 installed on your system.


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May 13 2004

Mojavi Builder – Second?

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I’ve just uploaded a new Installater for my Mojavi Builder application. It is now capable of producing code files for the Mojavi 1 framework.

Once again I should state that this is still a work in progress and is therefore not entirely stable. So you will be able to make it crash without very much effort.

You can download the installer here.

If you have already got the previous version of the Mojavi Builder installed you will need to uninstall it before installing this version. As with the previous version, you will need to have the .Net framework version 1.1 installed on your machine.

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May 11 2004

Info on Mojavi Builder

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By the looks of it a few people have downloaded my Mojavi Builder application,? so this is a request for some feed back.

Whether you’ve got it installed or not I’d like to know how you’ve got on? with it. Even a one liner saying "Top notch" or "Dog s**t" would surfice.

In the next release I’ll try and build in a feedback form or something…? maybe.

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May 06 2004

Mojavi Builder Online

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I’ve finally got around to uploading a technology preview of my Mojavi Builder? application.

The application can be downloaded here. The software requires that you have? Microsoft .Net Framework 1.1 installed, which can be downloaded from the Windows Update site.

As this software is being built for developing Mojavi based PHP applications, I would recomend that you have a look at PHP [dot] net to familiarise yourself with PHP. You should also have a look at Mojavi? [dot] org to find out about Mojavi. You should know how to install Mojavi, and how to create a Mojavi application.

Some feed back about this application would be nice because, basically, if? you don’t tell me whats wrong, how the hell am i supposed to know?

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May 05 2004

Yet Another App

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Yes, I’ve started development on yet another application. This one is a? tool for creating the myriad of files required to get an app developed in the? Mojavi framework for? PHP.

The tool is pretty basic at the moment. However, it does allow for? saving a project and opening projects. It doesn’t, however, create the files yet? and when it will create the files it wont recognise if file already exist or? have been altered.

It will do those things in future versions, but for now I’m thinking? that it will be used for designing the Mojavi app and doing the basic groundwork? file generation. I’ll be posting screenshots and documentation and a setup? exe here shortly. But for now you’ll just have to wait and anticipate.

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