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Oct 19 2004

Easier documentation

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When installing a new software system, what you really need is some simple documentation to give a brief overview of the system and how it can be setup and the various options that are available. And this is exactly what I could have done with for Subversion.

The documentation that comes with Subversion is very comprehensive and covers everything that the system can do to help me with managing my project source code. Unfortunatrly, what it doesn’t do is to give me a concise overview of the various ways in which Subversion can be accessed (direct, subversion protocol and Apache http). It did give details of how to setup each of these methods but what I wanted to know was which of these methods was best for me.

In the end, I had to try all of them (with varying degrees of success). FInally I tried using TortoiseSVN to access my Subversion repository. I also had a read through the TortoiseSVN help documentation and found that they also give information on setting up Subversion and how it can be configured to authenticate a user against a Windows domain when Subversion is accessed via the Apache http server, which is exactly what I wanted to do but didn’t know how to.

I’m not saying that the documentation that is provided with Subversion is bad but they could do with providing simple access to more information about how to setup the system and what the system is capable of.

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Oct 08 2004

Road Blocks

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I had a headache, I put my glasses on… headache gone!

I couldn’t authenticate against Subversion, I changed the url to use the correct port…. I could authentcate against Subversion!!!

In case you’re wondering, Subversion is a file version management system, meant for software source code but it can be used for any types of files. Its taken me about 6 hours in total from download t ocomplete system setup including integration into VS.NET but most of that time was spent typing to figure out how to get Windows Domain authentication working… as it turns out it was working all along, I was just trying to connect to the Subverison server on the wrong port number… dumbass!!!!!

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