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Sep 21 2006

My First NXTBot

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DSC00178 I finally got my hands on a Lego Mindstorm NXT robotics kit. I’ve had my eye on it for sometime and my parents got me one for my birthday (which in itself was a bit of saga that I wont go into right now). I collected the parcel from the post office at lunch time and, during the rest of my lunch hour, built my first robot following the simple in-box instructions. It didn’t really do a whole lot as I didn’t upload any instructions to it, I just ran the demo program that came on the control block.

DSC00179 When I got home I finished augmenting the basic robot with the more advanced instruction that add sensors and claws to the basic bot. I also created the simple program that allows the robot to find an object, pick it up, turn around and drop it. I modified the basic program to add an audio alert when it found an object and also loop it.

I know its not really rocket science but I had to learn how this thing hangs together before moving onto “bigger and better” things.

Heres a video I made this morning just before leaving for work. Its not terribly good quality as I used my mobile rather than my camera but I think you get the idea:

1: I first ordered (my parents just handed over the money) my Mindstorm NXT from but the failed to send out my order when the product was released and said it would be another 2 weeks before they got anymore, and even then couldn’t guarantee it would be sent out with that batch. I then tried all the local stores – all two of them – one of which said they weren’t going to stock the NXT the other said they weren’t getting any for at least two weeks. I then tried the official Lego store but was told they wouldn’t ship to Guernsey as the couldn’t find a reliable courier (and their systems couldn’t handle removing VAT). Finally I found that had the NXT in stock and would dispatch it within 24hours although I did have to pay a little extra for it… but I think its worth it. (Please note the lack of links… none of them deserve it!!!

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