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Oct 04 2004

Return Headache

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Whilst I was away on holiday in Spain a parcel arrived in Guernsey for my. finally got their act together and sent my camera over here. The trouble is that I don’t want that camera, I already have one from!!!!!

Unfortunately the 7 day return period expired whilst I was on holiday, so I can’t get an RMS number from their website. So this morning I sent them a support request email complaining about this. Surprise surprise, the 4 hours response period is up and I still have heard a word from them!!!!

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Sep 16 2004

Not Supprised Really

26 hours later and still no reply. But I’m not really supprised. is only handling support requests via their online request form and their support staff only work between 9am and 5pm. They also seem to have no conecpt in their support system for prioritising requests… so the honest bloke that received two printer cartridges instead of one will have the same priority as someone that paid several hundred pounds for a camera that has subsequently gone missing.

As a result, not only has genuine support requests coming in, but they are probably being in-undated with complaints about customers… which also appear to have no distinction on their support request form. These complains also have the same priority as the support requests.

Are you seeing the picture? Thats right, the further behind falls with support requests, the more support requests they will receive.

As far as I can tell they have several options:

  1. Provide a priority option on the support form allowing customers to priortise their request.
  2. Make a clear distinction between support and complaint requests.
  3. Keep the support lines open longer, the fact that all communication is done via email means that the support lines could be open 24hrs.
  4. Re-introduce a telephone line. There is nothing more satisfying than talking to a human being, even if the problem gets resolved in the same time frame.
  5. Provide a support tracking system so customers can see how close to the front of the queue their request is

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Sep 16 2004

Dabs is just taking the p**s

I have just received an email from the support team. I would like to post the whole of the contents of the email here, but due to a copyright notice in the email and the fact that my website is hosted outside of Guernsey I am not able to do this. However, I can disclose my own interpretation of what I believe the email was about.

What f**king muppets!!!!!!

The options they have given me are:

  1. When they get the camera back they will re-send it to France… err… sorry, Guernsey.
  2. I order a new camera and pay for it and when they receive the camera they put it back in their warehouse and refund me.

Ok, fair enough. If I get it next-day courier I might get it on time with the second option… but wait, they’re out of stock!!!!! As a result I’m not getting a camera from them before I head off to Spain.

I’ve sent them an email saying that I would like for them to refund the price of the camera plus the extra that I have to pay to buy the camera locally. Like they’re gonna do that!!! Needless to say I’m not holding my breath.

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Sep 15 2004 to the rescue

I have given up hope of any human contact with, which is a shame really as they were a really good company.

I have instead resorted to paying an extra 40 and ordering the camera from as I can collect the camera from their warehouse here in Guernsey after 3pm tomorrow.

If the camera from does happen to arrive tomorrow or friday I will probably return the camera as I am perfectly entitled to undar their terms & conditions. Therefore I wont loose out on that 40.

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Sep 15 2004 Thumbs down.

Well now, isn’t this interesting. I was having a hunt around the dabs website and came across a “Customers Reviews” page.

Apparently it is for customers who have given dabs a thumbs up!!!… yeah? what about those customers that haven’t?

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Sep 15 2004

The trouble with Dabs

I’m sorry if this is getting a little boring but its starting to anoy me too.

I’ve realised today, whilst getting no response from re. my missing camera, that when things go wrong its generally nice to have a human being to talk to rather than a computing that is incapable of responding to your problem.

Generally I’m quite a laid-back kind of guy. If I can see that someone is dealing with the problem I’ll just let them get on with it.

However, if I have waited and waited and submitted a polite request for help, and tried to speak to a human about it, and submitted another polite request and am still waiting… I tend to get a little anoyed.

All I want is some to tell me that the matter is in hand, that they have mislaid the order and will get a new camera couriered out to me so that I may have it before I leave to go on holiday. Thats all! No compensation required, no refund, no credit. If the missing camera turns up at my house I’m quite willing to pay the postage to return it to dabs.

All I want is to be able to take my camera (which I have already paid for) on holiday with me so that I may capture my first holiday away with friends. Is that really to much to ask?

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Sep 15 2004

Intended Recipient?

How legal is a copyright notice on an email? I have received several auto-response emails from (i can’t be a**sed with linking to them anymore) for the support requests I have sent them about my Canon Ixus 500.

Each of the emails comes with a notice at the bottom saying (and I don’t quote it) that although has sent the email to me, and I am the intended recipient, that I am not allowed to diseminate, disclose or distribute any of the contents of the email. And that remains the sole owner of the copyright of the contents of the email.

Is this true? Does that mean that I am able to claim copyright of the support request that I sent them and can refuse them the right to use it in their management or to store it on their systems once my issue has been resolved?

ps. I tried phoning them but got an automated response saying “Bugger Off!!!” only in slightly more words. I also tried calling the business line and got the same “Bugger Off!!!” response. So, back to the support request page.

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Sep 15 2004 Delivery Problems

I ordered my brand spanking new Canon Ixus 500 from on the 6th September. It was finally dispatched from their warehouse on the 9th September.

Everyday since then I have been rushing home after work to check to see if my lovely new camera has arrived yet. I’ve also been checking on the Parcel Force tracking website to see if I can find out where the shipment has got to.

Today I finally gave up and phoned Parcel Force to find out where it is. They informed me that they had no record of the shipping number that I was given by I immediately sent a support request to to get them on the case. That was at 9:30am this morning and I haven’t heard back from them.

So what can I do? Hows about phoning them? Err… whats the phone number? Cos it sure as hell isn’t anywhere on their website!!!!

Thanks to the wonderful Askalix website, I was able to do a search for and it gave me their phone number… Great!!! has got until 1pm to get back to my support request otherwise I will be phoning them.

And for those unfortunate people that are having trouble getting hold of, their contact details are:

  • Phone: 0870 4293000
  • Fax: 0870 4297000

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Sep 10 2004

Order Dispatched


I got an email from this morning informing me that my camera (Canon Ixus 500) and memory card (512Mb CompactFlash) have been dispatched! Hopefully they should arrive tomorrow (saturday) otherwise I’ll have to wait until monday.

I could really do with getting back into photography, as last night I was asked to take some photos of a sailing race. Whilst the pictures weren’t bad, they could have been a lot better (that damn horizon was drunk!!!)

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