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Jan 29 2014

HTTP Proxy Per Git Repository

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I’ve finally made the switch to using Git instead of Subversion as the source control system at work.  I’ve been using it for a while with a couple of personal projects that I’ve got hosted on BitBucket using the wonderful SourceTree, created by my friend Steve Streeting, and I’ve come to prefer it to Subversion. At work, I set up a Stash server and have been syncing our Subversion repository into it for a while but never quite made the jump to Git until now.

The first hurdle I’ve hit is with proxy settings.  On my development machine I’ve got cloned BitBucket repositories and to be able to use those I need to connect through a proxy.  Thankfully SourceTree makes it easy to configure Proxy settings for Git.  However, these are system wide settings.  Now that I want to work with our internal Stash server I need Git to use the proxy for some repositories but not for the internal one.

Given that I’ve got lots of external repositories but only one internal repository I’ve left the Git default settings to use the Proxy server.  Unfortunately SourceTree doesn’t help with specifying a proxy for a single repository but it’s not hard.

  • Open the local repository in Explorer and head into the .git directory (you may need to show hidden files & folders)
  • Open up the config file in your favourite text editor
  • At the bottom of the [core] section of settings add the following:
        proxy =
  • Save the config file.

That’s all there is to it.  You don’t even need to restart SourceTree for it to pick up the change.  This change is basically telling Git not to use a Proxy for this repository.  Alternatively, on the “proxy =” line you could specify a proxy to use, e.g. if you have lots of internal repositories and only one external then it would be easier to default the global settings to no proxy and only specify a proxy for just one repository.

Hope this helps!

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Aug 15 2008

When IIS Wont Start – Error 13

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This morning I ran into a problem when running a repair on my broken SharePoint installation.  Everything seemed to be going well until the setup needed to restart the World Wide Web Publishing service (IIS).  The error message was rather cryptic, say that it might be due to my login account not having service start permissions – but I know I have.

Debugging step 1:  Look in the windows services list and see if I can manually start the service. This was a little more helpful as it told me it couldn’t start due to a dependency not starting.

Debugging step 2: Check the service dependencies.  It appears that the Windows Process Activation service (WAS) wouldn’t start, although it only returned the message “Error 13: The data is invalid?.

Debugging Step 3: Check the system event log.  Here I found the most helpful message so far:

The Windows Process Activation Service encountered an error trying to read configuration data from file ‘\\?\C:\Windows\system32\inetsrv\config\applicationHost.config’, line number ’0′.  The error message is: ‘Configuration file is not well-formed XML’.  The data field contains the error number.

It seems that at some point the applicationHost.config got trashed.  Luckily, when you make changes to web applications in IIS it creates a backup of the applicationHost.config file in c:\inetpub\history.  All you need to do is copy a good copy from the history and put it into c:\windows\system32\inetsrv\config.

And Roberts your mothers brother, WAS starts, IIS starts and the repair of SharePoint can continue!

ps. I’m running IIS7 on Windows 2008 Server.

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Aug 14 2008

The Quick Way To Trash SharePoint

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I have just leant the hard way that you should always check the name you have given your feature before deploying it to a server.

Quite stupidly I created several features, at least two of which I now know conflicted with existing SharePoint features.  I used the xcopy method of deploying the feature on my local dev machine with the “/Y? switch to suppress prompts when over-writing existing files, so at the time I didn’t realise what I had done.

It was only when I can to create a new site collection that everything call falling down.  I’m currently downloading the SharePoint installation DVD from Microsoft in the hopes that a re-install will fix the problems.

From now on I’m going to be prefixing all features I create with the clients name.  This will provide two benefits:

  1. It will greatly reduce the risk of a feature name conflict.
  2. It will group all the directories together in explorer for easier deletion.

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