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Apr 27 2006

Digital Experiments

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I’ve recently start experimenting with digital photography. I’ve owned a digital camera for several years now but I have only just started to play around with more advanced techniques of manipulating digital pictures.


My first experiments were with HDR, which is the result of taking multiple exposures of the same scene and then combining them on a computer in order to obtain a hyper-real rendering of the scene… obviously there is a little more to it but I’m not going into that here, that’s what Google is for. There are several good applications out there which make the process of generating a HDR image incredibly simple. You don’t even need a big expensive digital SLR camera, even my Canon IXUS 500 is capable of exposure compensation, which is the key to HDR.

Tilt & shit

The other technique I’ve been wanting to have a go at is a digital Tilt & Shift effect. Traditionally the tilt & shift style of images was generated in one of two ways. Either it was created when taking macro photographs of model scenes (e.g. model railways) using a very short depth of field or it was created using a bellows adaptor on a camera with interchangeable lenses (e.g. an SLR). There is however a much easier method than these for digital photographers… photoshop. I found a great four step tutorial on the down side is that so far I have only found one of my pictures that was suitable to try this effect on.

Picture source

What I wanted was a source of pictures that I know I would be able to play around with and then post on the internet for other people to be able to see what I was doing. I wasn’t until today that I realised that the very site I had been hosting my images on was also an almost limitless (relatively speaking) source of material to work with. I remember that I released my images on Flickr with a creative commons license and that it must surely be possible to search for other images with a creative commons license on Flickr. And sure enough there is. Now when I see a new digital manipulation tutorial I have no reason to not have a go at it, all I need to do is use the Flickr Creative Commons search to find a suitable image to play around with.

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Apr 11 2006

GG_Translate 0.1b

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GG_Translate is a WordPress plugin that provides site users with links to translate the blog into their own language.

The plugin detects which languages the users browser will accept and, if there are any which are different to the blogs published language, it will provide links to translations in those languages. For translations the plugin uses the Google and Altavista Babel translation engines, favouring the Babel engine over the Google engine. If no translations are available for a particular translation a link will not be provided.

Currently there is no administration panels for the plugin so configuration changes must be made in the source code, this will change in future versions.

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Apr 10 2006

Pure Pain

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Saturday night I learn a new meaning to the word pain. I had been planning on cooking something out of my new Wagamama Cookbook but after getting up at 5:30am to help Dave with clean Mystere I crashed out in the afternoon so didn’t get around to getting the ingredients. In the end it was decided we would have fishcakes with vomit sauce (see end of post for recipe).

One of the ingredients for vomit sauce is fresh green chilli. In the absence of fresh green chilli I went and got one of dried red chillies out of the green house. I removed the seeds and chopped it as usual and immediately washed my hands as I’ve had experience of rubbing my nose without washing my hands. Ten minutes later and the food was ready, it was at this point that I got an itch in my eye…. so I rubbed it.

This was when I realised my mistake. It seems that washing my hands just wasn’t enough. Never before have I experienced such acute focused pain. I washed out my eye with cold water, and I tried putting a slice of cucumber on my eye but nothing would reduce the pain. Oddly, going into a dark room did easy the pain slightly but not much. After about 5 minutes the pain subsided slightly but it still felt like someone was pouring boiling water into my eye. In the end it took about 45 minutes for the burning sensation to go.

In future I think I might wash my hands with bleach after chopping up chillies.

Thai Fishcake Sauce (aka vommit sauce):

  • 2 inches cucumber
  • 2 shallots
  • 1 tsp Fresh Grated Ginger
  • 1 Fresh Green Chilli
  • 2 tbsp. roasted peanuts

Mix/chop together in a food processor

  • 110ml Wine vinegar
  • 1 tbsp. Light brown sugar

Mix together then add to food processor.

NB. Only looks like vommit, tastes really good!

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