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Apr 23 2008

TeamCity Over SSL

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Following on from my presentation last night on TeamCity, I’ve been trying to configure our installation at work so that it can be accessed by our developers in the UK.

The first problem is punching a hole in the firewall.  This was done easily enough by our network admin, however it had to be done a different port than normal as the default port was already being used.  Next, this port had to be configured in the Tomcat server.xml file.  One of the clear things I discovered whilst changing the port setting is that it is possible to have both HTTP and HTTPS access to TeamCity at the same time on different ports.  This meant we could keep the old internal HTTP port for local developers and set up the external port as HTTPS for our developers in the UK.

Setting up HTTPS meant creating a certificate for Tomcat.  It was easy enough to create a self signed certificate using the TeamCity documentation and the Tomcat documentation.  The Tomcat documentation also includes information about importing a third party signed certificate.

One thing to note about the self-signed certificate is that you can only import the certificate in Internet Explorer for future visits to the site if the value given to keytool for “What is your first and last name?” is the domain name used to access the site.  This one had me confused for a while.

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Apr 23 2008

GSDF Presentation – TeamCity – Review

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Last night was my TeamCity presentation for the GSDF.  This was my first proper presentation since about 8 years ago at university.  I feel it went alright but I have identified some room for improvement for future presentations.

Hopefully those that attended will have an idea for the features that TeamCity offers and will go away and try and convince their companies that it is the way to go.  If not then it might at least get them looking into continuous integration solutions for their teams.

The presentations are now available online in various formats:

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Apr 21 2008

GSDF Presentation – TeamCity

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Tomorrow evening, Tuesday 22nd April, I’m going to be giving a talk for Guernsey Software Developer Forum (GSDF) on TeamCity, a continuous integration system from JetBrains.  The talk will take place at the offices of Rawlinson & Hunter, Trafalgar Court, 3rd Floor, West Wing, St Peter Port, Guernsey at 6pm.  I have posted a map and plan of the office on the GSDF forum.

This is the first time I have done a presentation since my first year at university.  I’ve finished putting together my slides and I’m just taking a short break from putting together a demonstration on using the system.  Hopefully I’ve prepared enough and will be able to convince even just one or two people that this is a good system to switch to, or even that they should be using continuous integration in the first place.

After the presentation I will be making the slides available online and I might even record a screencast if I can find (free) software to do it on a Mac.  If you’re in the area tomorrow come along.  It’s a free event and open to all.

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