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Dec 02 2006

Norway Return Route Completed

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I’ve finally finished my return route through Norway at the end of my summer holiday last year (2005).  Its taken approximately 10 hours to create and I’ve included both the route I actually took and the route I would have taken if I hadn’t crashed. 

I’ve also included notes about memorable parts of the trip, places I stayed over-night (or didn’t as the case may be), must see places along the way, and a few other general notes about the areas of Norway I travelled through.

All the different bit are included in seperate folders so you can turn them off and on as you like.  Whilst it might take quite some time to tour the whole route, I would advise turning on the Terrain layer and run a tour of the alternative last day.  I would also advise turning on the terrain and having a look at the area around Trollstigen and Geiranger.  I’ve even marked a plane coming into land in Bergen that no-one else appears to have spotted.

Some of the details included in the notes needs to be checked up on, so if you spot a mistake please let me know and I’ll correct it.

Download: Norway – Hamsund to Bergen.kmz

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Sep 28 2006

Famous Number Plate

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As some of you may be aware I took a holiday in Norway last summer. A smaller sub-set of you may have heard my story of how I got stopped by a couple of eager “number plate spotters” as I left the docks in Bergen. It seems that my bike was the first bike they had seen with a Guernsey number plate and this was rather exciting for them. Being the good-natured person that I am, I stopped and waited whilst they inspected and photographed the plate and explained why they were doing it before heading on my way and thinking nothing more of it… apart from telling as a tale of my adventures in Norway.

Well, more than a year later and I just got an email from my dad. It seems that, whilst searching the internet for something to do with motorbikes in Guernsey, he stumbled upon this site. And, if you head over to the Guernsey page and scroll down to the bottom, you will find, in all its glory, the number plate that was photographed at the docks in Norway.

Isn’t the internet a great place to find all sorts of weird and wonderful things.

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Dec 06 2005

Jersey Weather Forecast

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On the 17th December 2005 I am hoping to go for a day trip to Jersey to do some christmas shopping. I say hope as I was supposed to be going on the 3rd December but the weather was so bad that the boats were cancelled.

At the moment the forecast for the 17th is much better, however that can all change over the next week and a half. So I came up with the idea of making a spreadsheet to track how the forecast changes. I also had the cunning idea of plotting the spreadsheet on a graph so that you folks can see how things progress.

What the graph shows is the average forecast wind speed, pressure (divided by ten) and temperature for the 17th December.

Weather graph

Data provided by Metcheck.

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Sep 05 2005

The Pen Is Mightier

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Everyone knows the old saying “The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword” but I think that might be taking the phrase a little too literally.

This morning I received my monthly newsletter from them to find that the top news item from them is about $1000 grants that they are giving to people planning a trip. However, it seems that you need to be a literary killer in order to qualify for the grant:

Travel Grants: Earn $1000 for your trip
At the Wikimedia Conference, held in Frankfurt at the beginning of August, we presented our new programme:Travel Grants
The idea is that if you are planning this cool trip and you think it would be interesting to write about the places you go to on, you can receive a travel grant. We will be giving away $10,000 in total to the people with the best plans, best writings kills or most enthusiasm!

Assuming they meant writing skills I guess the person that wrote the email wont be qualifying for a grant!

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Jul 04 2005

Return From Norway

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I’m back from my three week holiday to Norway but my bike isn’t!

It’s a long story so I’ll fill you in about it later.

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Jun 08 2005

Hows That List Going?

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Whilst writing the previous post I came across my list of stuff to do for my holiday to Norway. So lets see how I’m doing so far:

  • Plan route (I’m leaving this one to dad)
  • Buy Guernsey->UK tickets
  • Buy UK->Norway tickets
  • Buy new motorcycle helmet
  • Buy intercom unit
  • Buy bike luggage
  • Service bike
  • Install intercom unit & bike alarm
  • Locate possible over-night stops (again I’m leaving this one to dad)
  • Acquire tent for emergencies
  • Purchase riding clothing (trousers & new gloves)
  • Find & buy cigarette lighter for motorbike (to charge phone & iPod)
  • Buy iPod (either Mini or Shuffle)

Looks like I’m not doing too bad… there have been a few other things I’ve had to do but I don’t have the time to add those to the list at the moment.

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Jun 07 2005

When Does A Journey Begin?

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Most people will answer this with a simple “When you’ve packed your bags and are walking out of the door!”. But is that really the answer? Maybe the question I’m asking is a bit more metaphysical or rhtorical.

For me, my current journey started some time earlier this year when I decided to embark on a motorcycle touring holiday to Norway this summer. Since February/March I have been plotting and planning every last detail I can think of in order to make this journey as smooth and simple as possible and at last the final details are falling into place.

My bike is in the garage having its final service, I’ve got a pile of after-market parts to put on the bike when I get it back, I’ve got a tailpack waiting to be collected from Riders, I’ve removed my intercom and alarm from my old bike ready to be fitted to the new bike, all by important documents have been copied in triplicate (one copy to take with me, one copy for my sister to take and one copy to leave at home) and all my clothes are washed and ready to be packed (thanks mum!).

So when does a journey begin? It doesn’t! At least it doesn’t have one definative start… but it does have a finish to the start and thats when you’ve packed your bags and close the door behind you.

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Apr 01 2005

Holiday Snaps

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When I went on holiday last weekend I took my camera with my, fully intending to stop as often as possible to take pictures of the scenery from the seat of my bike. These are the results:

Waiting for the boat in Guernsey

My route guide

Locked up in Poole

As you can probably tell, the joy of riding got the better of me. The result being that I was so in awe of my bike I only took pictures of that when I could finally drag myself off the seat.

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Mar 30 2005

Damn Pesky Kids

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Continuing from earlier… when I arrived at Poole harbour on Monday afternoon I was tired and hungry as I’d been riding all morning and hadn’t eat since breakfast as I was unable to get to Bucklers Hard in the New Forest. All I wanted was to be able to sit down and have something to eat.

That wasn’t to be though, as soon as I had parked up my bike I and was removing my helmet I was confronted by a kid with a barrage of questions about my bike and how cool it looked and how he ha a bike. At first I thought he was about 16 or 17 and so I thought I’d humour him a bit. Only he started going on about how he’d got an old GT500 that he used for drag racing (or something) and he also had a GSX in bits that he was going to be rebuilding and his mate “Dobbo” was gonna do it for free but his mate “Smiffy” at school didn’t believe him so he got a contract from “Dobbo” saying that he was going to do it for free and so “Smiffy”… and it went on and on and on. It was sometime during this rant that he let slip that he was only 13.

At this point I completely blanked him and walked off to buy my lunch in the hope that he would ignore me. It was also at the moment that the checkin gates opened so he had to go back to his parents car… Lady Luck can be a wonderful at times.

So anyway, I ate my lunch and went through checkin and into customs… where I was stopped and searched. It wasn’t just me, they searched all the first lot of vehicles that went through and being a motorcyclist I was one of the first.

After customs I met up with a couple of other bikers who were also on the boat. One was heading back to Jersey and the other was heading to Guernsey with a very nice 2002(?) R1 that he’d just bought, and I mean VERY nice. We started off chatting about where we’d come from, about the bikes and then the conversation moved onto other subjects (the whole world doesn’t revolve around bikes). Unfortunately that kid showed up again. Only this time his age and immaturity really shone through! No matter how much we ignored him he kept butting in with random comments and questions about bikes and which one was the best bike there… OMG GROW UP!!!!

After a while the Condor ferry appeared out of the mist at which point the kid said “why don’t you start your engine up and have a revving contest with the ferry!!!”…. you what?!?!? that’s the sort of comment I’d expect from a four year old!!!

At this point I decided to play my final trump card. Having realised that he had never been on the wavepiercer before I told him the story about what would happen if the ferry hit a container that had fallen from a cargo ship. At this point he turned a most wonderful shade of green and disappeared back to his parents car and I never heard from him again… thank god!

NB. If you’re wondering what would happen if the wavepiercer hit a container the answer is… the container would win. An there’s a whole lot of containers that have been lost in the English Channel!!!

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Mar 30 2005

Last Ride In The UK

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My last ride of the holiday in the UK was from Cheltenham down to Poole so I could catch the ferry to come home again. The ferry wasn’t until 4:00pm so I decided to set off earlier in the morning so that I could spend some time in the New Forest and possibly go down to Bucklers Hard (an old ship building yard thats now a museum).

I managed to follow my planned route this time (as I’d written out my own route plan rather than following the RAC directions). I got to the New Forest in about an hour and a half and promptly got stuck in traffic. Although I was on my bike and I was overtaking standing traffic when I could I was still in the jam for about half an hour before I finally decided that maybe I should give up on the whole New Forest thing as I still hadn’t got to Lyndhusrt and I had no idea of how to get to Bucklers Hard. Maybe next time I’ll go to the New Forest during the week instead of on a Bank Holiday Monday!!!

I promptly did a U-turn in the road and headed back to the motorway. From there it was only a half-hour blast to Poole where I knew I could grab a bit to eat at the checkin area, only I wasn’t prepared for the pesky kid…. but thats another story.

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