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Nov 09 2006


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Those of you that have to listen to my music on a regular basis will know that I’m a stickler for a good mashup and today I think I found my musical heaven.

Its a site called Mashup.Podcast which does exactly what it says on the tin. Its a podcast made by a bloke that, like me, likes mashups. I’ve only listened to half a podcast so far but what I’ve heard I like… although there does seem to be a little too much talking for my liking. Having said that I may actually learn something about mashups, like who’s doing them and where to find more of them!!!

Check out the site @

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Mar 08 2006

FAlbum AJAX Lightbox

Since I moved GrinGod [dot] com to UH Hosting I have no longer had Gallery installed on the server, instead I use Flickr for hosting my images.

To display the images in my website I decided to go with FAlbum, a plugin for WordPress.  This morning I upgraded FAlbum to the latest version (0.6.4).  I also saw in Digg this morning a list of Downloadable AJAX Galleries, Slideshows and Effects.

One thing led to another and I ended up doing a mash-up of FAlbum and Lightbox JS.  Now, when you are viewing an image in my photos, you can click on one of the size links which (if you are using a modern browser) will display the selected image size in a nice Web 2.0 style lightbox.

If you want to use my mash-up I’ve made the modified files available on my download page.  Please note that I am not planning on supporting this mash-up and that I may well make changes to it in the future.  None of my changes have been or will be localised.

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Jan 17 2005

Comedy Video

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My good friend shane has just (yesterday) posted a video the he has created using time-lapse photography.
This I had to watch the video twice because the first time I watched it I was laughing so much I missed most of it.

Time-lapse modes on cameras were developed for videos like this… not for that crappy flower-opening stuff that you see on nature shows on TV.

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Sep 15 2004

360 of Vale Castle

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My good friend Phrixus has created a 360 degree panoramic picture from the Vale Castle (just down the road from my house).

He has also created an interactive quicktime movie of it so you can pan around and zoom in. You can even see my house in the picture (if you look very hard at the fuzzy zoomed in pixels)!

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