Sep 09 2003

Mupets, they’re all MUPETS!

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Today I’m having a bit of a rant. So picture the scene…. I’ve taken two films into Guernsey Photographics to?
have them developed. I ask for both to be Matt finish, with white borders and put onto CD please.

This lunch time I cycled into town (I’m trying to get fit) to collect my photos. To my dismay, how many CDs do I?
receive? Not two but ONE?!?!?! with all the photos put on it from both films!!!!

Why in gods name would I want the photos from both films on one CD??? Oh yes, maybe if they were both my films?
which I had taken at the same time. But what if they were photos from two seperate holidays? What if a co-worker?
of mine had asked me to drop his film in when I dropped mine in? What if I wanted to send one CD to a friend in?
England and the other to my friend in Australia?

Their response to this was…. wait for it….. “You should specify that you want seperate CDs when you?
bring the films in.
” WHAT?!?!?!? Why? How can a company possibly be so arogant as to think they know more about?
what I want than I do?

You’ll be please to know, however, that the best part is yet to come….

The (and I assume of is) floor manager said they would send the negatives away again with a note explaining?
the situation and they would see what could be done. But I may have to pay for the pictures to be put onto CD!!!! At?
which point I almost throttled they guy. Why in gods name should I pay for a mistake which wasn’t may fault?!?!?!? ?
So come Thursday (yes I have to wait ANOTHER two days) I shall see what they have managed to do about it.

And now I hope you see why I beleive that the people in Guernsey Photographics are muppets. They really need to?
learn how to be professional. And, when the customer is me, the customer is ALWAYS right (mostly).

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