Nov 28 2003

A Song Less Liked

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Call me fickle, but after having been my favourite song for three days I afraid to say I have lost favour with Gary?
Jule’s rendition of Mad World (originally by Tears For Fears).

So what could possibly cause this change? Well, I managed to put up with it being played non-stop on BBC Radio?
1. But what really took the biscuit and pushed it beyond commercialism is that I hear it being played in… a?

How could anyone do such an evil thing to such a great song. I’m sorry to say this but hearing that song now?
brings tears to my eyes. Not because of the song itself, but because some supermarket manager had the nerve to kill?
it. Maybe the fault lies with Radio 1, maybe Donnie Darko is to blame for being such a great film. What ever the?
reason, I can no longer listen to that song and like it for what it realy is.

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