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Jan 22 2004

Ditributed Reflection Denial of Service?Attacks

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I heard about DRDoS attacks some time ago, but I just found this article?
( about them and thought I’d share the Find with you.

It’s quite long, so its worth printing it, iPAQing or Archosing it and?
reading it whilst your sat in the reading room between meetings.

It contains background information about the old school DoS and DDoS?
attacks and gives a good walkthrough from someone that has been at the?
receiving end of a DRDoS attack.

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Jan 16 2004

Mind Bender

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True to my word I have been doing some work on the Mojavi framework. I?
was firstly interested in it as the framework for running, however,?
I beleive that I may try to use it for a project at work.

The wonderfullness of it aside, it is a bit of a brain bender trying to?
get into the philosophy of the MVC (Multi-View Controller) design pattern. ?
I spent an hour last night just trying to receive some input, display it and?
have a link back to the input page (see mojavi [dot] GrinGod [dot] com). Admittedly I didn’t have?
any documentation, only the example module that the mojavi website provides, and I do feel that I have?
learnt a lot in just that one hour.

In other news, xored [dot]?
has taken down their forums in the run-up to the next release of?
TruStudio, their PHP development?
plugin for the Eclipse?
project. They had previously locked their Bugs section of the forums and?
replaced it with a Bugzilla site. Hopefully they are trying to show users that they are still?
working on the project and an update will be forthcoming in the ner future. Also,?
in a bid to premote interest in the TruStudio project, Xored is giving away?
MySQL Tools licences to people that donate more than $50USD to fund the?
continuation of the project.

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Jan 14 2004

New Stuff

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In the absence of anything else to write about, I thought it was about time?
I look to the world around me for inspiration. So whats new out there? ?
Well, PHP 4.3.5RC1 for starters.?
Whilst the developement time is busily working away on PHP 5, the QA team?
is still trying to get PHP 4 as perfect as possible. Fair play I say. Nobody?
can say that PHP is a hack language thrown together by a bunch of?

On the database front, MySQL AB has announced MySQL version 5.0. This new version is set to?
contain more Enterprise oriented services including much awaited Stored?
Procedures. MySQL 5.0 is still in the alpha phase of developement (buggy and changable?
without notice) but it is downloadable for testing, should you happen to be?
brave… or dumb!

A new website has been set up at the aim of which is to document the?
life and times of the yacht Mystere and her crew. The boat is currently out of?
the water and under going winter maintanence work, but watch out for her in?
the future in the waters around the Channel Islands.

Thanks to this article on I am now?
looking at what is probably the latest UML design tool to provide PHP code?
generation support for PHP. Should all go well, I shall be testing ArgoUML with?
the design of Tamagotree. The results of which will be posted here.

Also, thanks to, I am investigating the benefits of a?
funky PHP framework called Mojavi which is available from From the little I have?
read about it to date, it is partly based around the Command Pattern. You?
can read more about Command Pattern implementation in PHP by read this article on phpPatterns.

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Jan 01 2004

Place Holder

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