Jan 16 2004

Mind Bender

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True to my word I have been doing some work on the Mojavi framework. I?
was firstly interested in it as the framework for running GrinGod.com, however,?
I beleive that I may try to use it for a project at work.

The wonderfullness of it aside, it is a bit of a brain bender trying to?
get into the philosophy of the MVC (Multi-View Controller) design pattern. ?
I spent an hour last night just trying to receive some input, display it and?
have a link back to the input page (see mojavi [dot] GrinGod [dot] com). Admittedly I didn’t have?
any documentation, only the example module that the mojavi website provides, and I do feel that I have?
learnt a lot in just that one hour.

In other news, xored [dot]?
has taken down their forums in the run-up to the next release of?
TruStudio, their PHP development?
plugin for the Eclipse?
project. They had previously locked their Bugs section of the forums and?
replaced it with a Bugzilla site. Hopefully they are trying to show users that they are still?
working on the project and an update will be forthcoming in the ner future. Also,?
in a bid to premote interest in the TruStudio project, Xored is giving away?
MySQL Tools licences to people that donate more than $50USD to fund the?
continuation of the project.

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