May 23 2004

To shoot oneself in the?

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In my capacity as the TLR webmaster I have had a go at devloping the site in Mojavi starting with creating the base files with my wonderful Mojavi Builder. I must admit that it is most wonderful but it does have one rather important draw back… each project is the equivalent of a module. Therefore in order to have multiple module in a site you must create several project files and generate each in turn.

I have therefore decided that the next stage in the Mojavi Builder development is to add the facility of adding modules to a project and then adding the actions to each module rather than the project.

For those people using Mojavi Builder at the moment, I will try and get this done ASAP but please remember that I am doing this as a spare time project and at the moment I don’t seem to have to much of that. In the mean time, I will be fixing any bugs which occur in the current release of Mojavi Builder. If you want to submit a bug I suggest you do so at on the Mojavi Community forum post for the Mojavi Builder.

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