May 18 2004

GrinGod is good, GrinGod is?wise.

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Having released my Mojavi Builder on the Mojavi Community at mojavi [dot] org on friday, I have since made to minor releases to correct small bugs but I think it is generally going down well. I think there have been around 16-17 downloads of it so far.

Apart from that, I went swimming last night. I swam across Bordeaux Harbour (Guernsey) and back like I did so many times last year. Seeing as it is almost a year since I last swam that distance I was rather tired by the time I got back and now my arms are aching like mad. The up side being that if I’m aching then I must be doing my muscles good.

I’m heading out sailing tonight. We’re supposed to be practicing using the spinnaker in a hope to improve our performance in races…. only time will tell!!!

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