Jun 14 2004

Why am I nervous

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So this weekend was another mad one. We had the Dresdner sailing race. ?
That was a blinding race which we did fairly well in. Mystere was came in?
towards the front of the middle group, and in the final rankings we were eleventh?
(the team aim was to be in the top 25) out of 106 boats that started. I’m?
sure Shane will be posting more information about the race weekend on his?
site, so I’ll let you know when he does.

But what I’m nervous about is this lunch time. Today I shall be meeting?
Yrsa. I’ve known Yrsa for about four years now. And this will be the first?
time we’ve met in person. She’s come over with the dad and her sister for a?
holiday, so I’m going to meet them for lunch. Now I’ve just got to get to?
lunch time without passing out from sleep depravation of the past week.

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