May 23 2004

Floating disaster.

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So, I had a sailing race yesterday… oh what joy! But the main thing I want to tell you about is what happened before we went out sailing.

So Dave and I were chatting with a friend on a boat down the pontoon from Dave and Shane’s boat, when we hear a “Crunch”. I guy had come motoring down the pontoon looking for his birth and had drifted into some moored boats. Naturally we rushed to his rescue and fended him away. Shockingly though, he didn’t seem the least bit bothered…. He’d just crunch is boat on someone?
else’s anchor and he wasn’t the least bit phased!!!

After pointing him in the direction of his berth, Dave and I rushed around there to give him a hand bringing it in. Once again he came steaming towards the pontoon without a care in the world and went straight into the boat beside his berth. Luckily Dave was at hand to fend him off so it didn’t do too much damage but as the guy reversed his boat into the berth he was just sliding the stern along the finger to bring it in!!!

By this time the guys wife was on the pontoon and she didn’t seem to care about the damage to the boat either. To top it all off, neither of them had the faintest idea about how to tie the boat into the birth. They didn’t know what a spring line is let alone know or care that it is mean to keep the stern of the boat from banging into the pontoon.

Why is it that people that know nothing about boats, or how to handle them, go out and buy them? Do they think that controlling a boat in a confined area like a marina is just like, well, sitting down in a chair? If this is how they control or care for their boat then I fear for the safety of anyone that comes into contact with them!!!

I believe that the sea is a wonderful place to get out in the fresh air and relax, maybe have a drink or two. But you should at least respect the sea, other peoples boats and your own. Because you’ll never know when your life will be at risk and all that stands between life and death is that block of wood you’re standing on.

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