Jun 07 2004

Sun-burn Sunday

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JumpI’ve gone and done it again. I went for a relaxing day in herm with my friends and managed to burn myself. Luckily it isn’t too bad.

Fun and games were had by all though. When we arrived in herm dave tried to pump up the dingy, only to find that it had a hole in it. So how do you get ashore? Swim, of course. Shame the water was f’ing freezing!!! So we had lunch in the Mermaid then went back to the boat. Luckily the tide had gone down a long way so we were about to wade out to the boat… the water was?
still f’ing freezing!!!

But not to be out done by a little cold waterwe decided to splash about a bit. I jumped off the boat a couple of times so shane could take some pictures. Dave scrubbed the hull of the boat. And everyone had fun… until we realised that we weren’t warm, we were numb to the bone!!!

What better way to get warm than to get changed into dry clothes and go down below decks for a little kip. Two hours later its time to head for home… lovely!

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