Aug 13 2003

More Fun In The Sun

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Well, since last we met I have been doing my ut-most to have fun this summer.

Last weekend was a bit of a mad one. On saturday I took a trip from Guernsey to Herm. Not on a boat, but BEHIND!!!! I got towed there on a dough-nut of all things. Since which I have been in agony because my arm muscle are now dead.

Sunday was spent in Sark, although I didn’t get towed there. The rest of my time has been spent job hunting and? swimming and working on my latest PHP project.

The latest results of my project will be displayed on as soon as they are ready for the general public. Also, you may want to keep an eye on for future software releases from myself and friends.

In the mean time, I back off to the sun, laters!

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