Feb 04 2004

Fun with Google

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I thought I’d let you know about a nice feature of Google which you may not have been familiar with. The feature in question is the Google calculator. This tools does exactly what it says on the tin.

The way you use it is to give it a calculation to run. This can be in the form of something as simple as (numeric)5 + 10 or (textual)five plus ten or more complicated such as one + (7 * five) + (16 / 22) + (sqrt(99) / cos(9999)).

The Google calculator also has support for calculations based on measurments such as distances, weights, speed and volumes, it can also convert between measurments, for example 100 miles in kilometers. The calculator also has builtin constants such as the speed of light, pi and?
other mathematical constants.
For the first year Computer Science students amongst you, the Google calculator is capable of doing Binary and Hexidecimal calculations, converting between Hex and Binary and even cross calculations such as 0b11111001010 / 0xAB5.

For a more detailed view of what the Google calculator is capable of head over to this Google page. I’ve been using the calculator for a while now and I’m still finding new stuff that it can do. So why don’t you go play with, you’ll be amazed at what those people at google have come up with in this tool.

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