May 11 2004

Phantom Injuries

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So I woke up this morning (yeah, yeah, try not to laugh) to find two?
mystery injuries on me. First of all, I’ve got a weird blister on one of my?
fingers. Its not a normal friction blisterand it is on the back of the finger…?
it took me some time but I finally figured out that it is from damp cow?
parsley when I was cutting the grass in my parents field last night. Apparently it?
wil take ages to heal and is best left un-popped.

The second injury is a bruise on my fore-arm. So whats unusual about?
that? I don’t bruise! And no you don’t need to test that! It looks?
suspiciously like a bite mark but the location of the bruise is in a part of my arm?
that I cannot easily bite, so I couldn’t have done it. Also the fact that I?
don’t bruise easily means that it must have taken quite some force to do it and?
I don’t remember hitting my arm on anything.

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