Feb 08 2005

More Info About My Gixxer

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I’ve been trying to track down part numbers for my bike as I’m trying to get it in as good a condition as possible for when I head off this summer.

I found the Alpha Sports website, in America, which has been a god send in finding out the original part numbers for my bike. Currently, however, I’m trying to find parts to replace missing and broken bits of the fairings (cowlings) and fixings. The Alpha Sports website list parts for a model 7JJ and a model 9SR. O… k… I though that knowning it was a GSX-R750 J would be good enough but what the hell is this 7JJ and 9SR.

Back to Google and after several wrong turns (including Anderson Vintage Parts, which I may come back to later) I found a Japanese site (google translation) with a history of the GSX-R and for 1988 it has a picture if the 750J in both its Blue/White and Red/White colour schemes. Under the Blue/White piture is written 9SR and under the Red/White is written 7JJ.

I guess my bike is a 7JJ… back to Alpha Sports!

I’ve just found another site in the UK that supplies parts for the GSX-R750J, its over at http://shop.wemoto.com.

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