May 03 2005

Way back when

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No, stupid, not the Way Back When Machine for website archives. I’m talking about way back when I was at the Grammar School, Guernsey.

I just saw that Apple has updated their eMacs and that reminded me about laptops that Shane and I tested whilst we were in the Sixth Form. eMateI finally managed to track them down on Google and they were in fact the Apple eMates. At the time they were being touted as the ideal school laptop. From what I can remember they were shockingly bad. Their design was definately robust but they looked like they’d been designed for 8-12yr olds not 17/18yr olds. The OS was useless, the interface was crap, the touch screen was a good idea but the writing recognition wasn’t up to speed and I never have liked writing on touch-screens.

Not supprisingly the school decided not to go with them. They go a batch lot of old PC’s from a bank and tried setting up a Windows network with them instead.. I think that mostly failed as well.

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