Aug 24 2006

Opening From Javascript

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In my previous article on the I showed you how to close the lightbox using javscript, rather than using the link method given in the documentation.

This time I’m looking at how to open the lightbox using javascript rather than using the method given in the documentation. This again relies on creating an instance of the in the same way as in the previous artivle:

var myMoobox;
window.onload=function() {
myMoobox = new moobox({
closeText: "Want to close this? Click here",
ajaxLayout: "<div id='ajax'>%CONTENT%</div>",
imageLayout: "<img src='%SRC%' title='%TITLE%'/>"

Once you have created an instance of the you will be able to call the doEvent() code on it. Unlike in the last article, in order to open the we need to pass in an event “open”, a url to open to opened in the and a title.

<a href="javascript:myMoobox.doEvent('open','','Example Lightbox');">Test moobox link</a>

Another example (as asked for in the Moo.fx forums) for opening on an ajax request completion:
new ajax('postbackUrl', {update:$('someid'), onComplete:myFunction});
function myFunction(request){
myMoobox.doEvent('open','','Example Lightbox');

Thats all there is to it. If you wish you can also call the insert event, passing in the same arguments as for open, which will load the new url into the open without closing the

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