Dec 28 2006

iTunes Downloads Up On Last Christmas

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I read an article today on about how the number of hits on Apples iTunes download page are up significantly on last years number.  I would have thought that this would have been good news, had I have not just received an iPod myself for Christmas.

Seeing as how I got an iPod, I can’t help but feel that the number of iTunes visitors was inflated by Apple themselves.  I’m not saying Apple has falsified the numbers.  No, the planned this some time ago!  My last iPod,  a 3rd gen. music only monochrome brick, came with a CD that contained everything you need to get you started with your iPod.  My new iPod, however, came with no such CD.

With the new iPod’s, if you want to start using it you have to head over to the iTunes website, download iTunes and then install it.  If you happen to be using 56k dial-up internet the 35mb iTunes download is going to hurt!  56k users will have to wait several hours for the behemoth to download… which will give you plenty of time to work out how much the phone call will be costing you.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Apple but I’m beginning to think that their shiny white maybe isn’t so shiny and more off an off-white.

Oh, and one more thing about Apply, with all this hype about the Apple iPhone going around.  A colleague thinks that the analysts have got it wrong, it wont be an iPhone (Cisco as the trademark on that) instead it will probably be something like the iChat Phone.

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