Jan 18 2007

Cunning Coffee Maker Plan

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Last year, just before I moved away from home, my parents neighbour also moved house.  Knowing that I was going to be moving out he very kindly gave me his old coffee machine (newer version).  I say old, it was only a year old and had only been used twice!

Unfortunately it didn’t come with any instructions so I have had to figure out how to use it as I went along.  One of the things I had to figure out is the milk steamer.  To date, when making a cappuccino or latte I have always steamed the coffee in a separate cup or jug.  When I’m going it, this usually results in either the coffee or the milk sitting on the side whilst I sort out the other.  Either that or I sort out the milk whilst the coffee is being made and the cup gets over-filled.

And so here comes the cunning plan.  If I first steam the milk in the cup, then make the coffee into the cup this will 1. Keep the milk warm (as hot coffee will be mixing with it), 2. Not over fill the cup with coffee (I’ve already got the correct amount of milk in the cup), 3. Prevent the coffee cooling down (as the milk is already in the cup.

How cunning is that!

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