Nov 19 2007

Bigger Tank = More Fishes

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Not content with having two fish tanks, I’ve just gone and order another one.  This new one is three feet by two feet by one foot and is 120 liters.  The two tanks we’ve currently got are about 75 liters in total, so once we’ve got the new tank set up we’re going to be needing some more fish to fill it.  And to think, we just got rid of our Gibbiceps Pleco which was a master at cleaning glass but was getting too big for the tank we had at the time.

This also means that we’re going to have two tanks that we no longer require.  The new tank doesn’t come with filter or heater, so I’m going to use the ones from the old tanks for now but at some point it will require newer and bigger filter & heater, which means we’ll have two complete tropical fish tanks for sale.  If anyone wants one please let me know (local delivery or collection only)!

In terms of new fish, I think one of the first we’re going to look into getting is going to be an Angelfish or two.  Our current tank would have been big enough for an Angelfish apart from the fact that we have a Siamese Fighter and they have a tendency to eat the trailing fins of the Angelfish in confined space, but with the big tank there will be lots of space.

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