Feb 27 2008

Must Have Application -Evernote

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The other day I saw an article on TechCrunch about and online application called Evernote.  The promise of Evernote is that it will be an online extension to your memory.  You can copy pictures text and audio from anywhere (web, email, documents, etc.) and save them as notes in Evernote.  Then, when you want to recall a note you can use the search functionality.  Where it goes beyond other note applications is that you can search for text within images! 

At the moment they currently have interfaces for the web, windows desktop, mac desktop [ed: sorry, not yet!] and windows mobile devices (phones).  It is also possible to email notes to Evernote, so you can email images from a non-windows mobile device but they are promising a J2ME application soon.

Why is this so good?  Imagine you’re out to dinner and order a bottle of wine.  You really like it and would like to buy some for at home.  Rather than try to remember the name of it and the year, just whip out your mobile, take a picture of the label, tag it and send it to Evernote.  At some point in the future you can then search Evernote to get the label image back.

At the moment they are only running an invitation only preview so I recommend everyone signs up for an invitation now!  My invitation came through today and I’m already making good use of it.  I can’t wait until they release the J2ME version for Java mobiles, and when Apple finally releases a 3G enabled iPhone I will finally be able to do away with the old grey-matter :D

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