Apr 21 2008

Guernsey Election

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This Wednesday is election day for the Guernsey States of Deliberation – the government of the Bailiwick of Guernsey.  This year I’ve been following the election process more closely than I have in the past.  Partly because I think the current States have done such a terrible job and secondly because I think the next sitting of the States will have some difficult decision to make.

For the last election I was living with my parents in the Vale.  I knew of most of the candidates that were standing for election and I had a fairly good idea of what they were standing for.  This time, however, I’m living in St Martins and haven’t heard of many of the candidates before, so I have been reading their manifestos.  I meant to go to the area hustings meetings – where members of the parish get to question the candidates – but unfortunately it clashed with another meeting.

Being new to the area, I was looking forward to being able to speak to the candidates as they went door-to-door trying to solicit votes.  Unfortunately we have only had one candidate coming to the door and that was only to drop a manifesto through the letter box.  In this respect I am rather disappointed with the candidates.

Also, reading the manifestos I get the feeling that none of the candidates are willing to stick their neck out and say what they think really needs to be done.   All of them acknowledge that waste management, education, transport and health all need address but none are making any proposals as to what could be done.

One candidate in particular includes a list of the various sections of the States they have served whilst previously elected.  While this may look impression to the casual reader, it just cries out to me saying “I’ve got no area of expertise so I go where I’m told to” and that really doesn’t inspire me to vote for them.

I think I have come up with a short list of people I am willing to vote for on Wednesday.  One thing is certain though, I’m not going to be using all my votes.  I believe I have six votes I can use but I suspect I may use only three of them.

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