Jun 02 2009

Free WiFi – No Internet

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On my way to bell ringing practice last night I happen to pick up a screw (easy tiger!) in one of my car tyres.  So during my lunch today I took the car into my local Target Auto Parts store to get the puncture fixed.

Whilst I was waiting I did what I normally do with my spare time and whipped out my trusty iPhone to catch up with Google Reader/Podcasts/Twitter/games.  I’m sure you can imagine my joy to find that there is a wifi access point at Target which is open to the public.  I’m sure you can also imagine my devastation to find that, once connected to the wifi network I couldn’t access the internet.

I spent the next 20 minutes playing around with the iPhones wifi settings, MobileTerminal and Safari trying to access the wireless router to see if I could “fix” it.  Result:  FAIL!

So here is a plea to all companies that require customers to sit around twiddling their thumbs waiting for you to get a job done:  please, Please, PLEASE, if you’re going to tempt us with an open wifi access point, please follow through and provide access to the internet.  It really doesn’t cost that much and we’ll be much happier to come back next time!

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