Dec 02 2003

I Just Stumbled Upon

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Don’t ask me how, but I was looking around the net and I came across the website stumbleupon [dot] com which is basicaly a random webpage picker. You instal a toolbar into IE,?
Netscape or Mozilla and then “teach” it what sort of webpages you like.

After I had been through the teaching process, the first webpage the stumbler picked for me was TouchGraph [dot]com and quite frankly, its amazing. Predicatably the first?
thing I did was a google browser map of gringod [dot] com. This site on its own is?
well worth a look, purely for the fact you could easily blow off a couple of hours.

First impressions of the Stumbleupon toolbar a great, but in the interests of scientific research I reserve final?
judgement till later. Not only that but I’ve got work to be getting on with.

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