Sep 12 2003

Win Win WIN!!!!

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How about this for an offer.. for every item which you purchase from Shop [dot] GrinGod [dot] com, you will be entered into a free lottery to win a photograph which has been?
taken, developed and printed by me.

So what are the rules for this draw?

  1. I cannot enter the draw.
  2. Anyone can enter, any number of times (one entry for every item purchased).
  3. The draw will continue until all my photographs have gone.
  4. I reserve the right to not send out my favourite photographs
  5. The photograph winners receive will be chosen at random
  6. The quality of the photograph will also be random (I printed them).
  7. I am not responsible for any photographs lost in the post

So how do you enter? Simple. Just purchase an item from Shop?
[dot] GrinGod [dot] com
. Once you have completed your order, send an email to Aidy [at] GrinGod [dot] com with your customer name from cafepress so I can verify your order. You will be?
notified by email if you are a winner.

How are the winners selected? I have a very simple PHP script that spits out WINNER or LOSER at random. For each?
item you have purchased I will run the script. For each time the script spits out WINNER, you get a photograph.?

So what are you waiting for, get over to Shop [dot] GrinGod?
[dot] com
and start buying your heart out.

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