Feb 05 2004

Employee Dissent

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I’ve just been speaking to an employee of the Mallard Cinema in Guernsey about the films which they are planning to show in the future (and some they haven’t shown in the past).

On the website for the Mallard Cinema they have listings of films which they are planning to show in the future. At first I thougth that only confirmed showings were listed, however when reading further down the page I noticed that some un-confirmed films were also listed.

What supprised me about the listings was the absence of Wanted: Kill Bill Vol. 2. So what else could I do but phone the cinema and find out if it was going to be shown?

Immediately the employee of the cinema said that they were not able to confirm or deny whether the cinema would be showing Kill Bill Vol. 2 or not as the Management had not yet publicly made a decission on the matter. Now, I would have been happy to leave it at that and what to see what the management would have to say in the future, but the employee then said to me (and this was with no prompting) “Given that the management didn’t show Kill Bill Volume 1, dispite our try to persuade them to show it, I guess we wont be showing volume 2 either.”

It is only due to the fact that the Mallard Cinema has a monopoly in the island that they are still in business. At no point does the cinema consider the opinion of local people when deciding what films should be shown. By refusing to show Kill Bill Vol. 1, they were treating island residents like children. Yes, Kill Bill is an extremely violent film… that is why it was issued a Certificate 18 by the BBFC. By having a Certificate 18, consenting adults already have an idea as to the content and are therefore able to make up their own minds as to whether to watch it or not.

Still, its nice to know that there are those within the system that are on our side.

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