Oct 28 2005

How wrong can making soup go?

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Last Saturday night I was planning on having a nice quite evening in on my own. My girlfriend had gone on holiday that morning, my sister was out camping and my mum and dad were going out to the cinema to watch Walace and Grommit: Curse of the Were-Rabbit – it’s a great film so go watch it if you haven’t already!

Any way, as I was staying at home my mum suggested that I cook dinner for when they returned from the cinema. As I quite enjoy cooking this seemed like a good and I settled upon the chickpea, coriander and chilli soup from the Delia Smith Soup book. I decided to make a double lot of the soup as there were supposed to be several “extras” coming back after the film for food.

I had already been out shopping to get all the ingredients, all that remained was the actual cooking. Having previously read through the recipe I worked out that it should take about 1.5 – 2 hours to make the soup so I planned to start cooking at about 8pm – I even set an alarm on my phone so that I didn’t forget whilst watching TV.

So I started cooking at 8pm. The 500gs of chickpeas needed boiling for a hour, so they were the first to go on in 6 pints of water. I wasn’t sure why I needed such a big pan as they really didn’t take up that much room. Whilst they were boiling I prepared the rest of the ingredients. When the chickpeas were finally cooked I strained off the water, added the rest of the ingredients and buzzed them in the food processor. I don’t why but for some reason, although I had followed the recipe to the letter, there just didn’t seem to be enough for six people.

Lastly I had to return the mix from the food processor to the pan and add the six pints of water that had been used for boiling the chickpeas. It was just as I was adding the last of the water that it finally stuck me why there didn’t seem to be enough ingredients and why now, after added the six pints of water, the soup seemed incredibly running. The recipe said to use 500g of dried chickpeas soaked over night. Where as in my haste I had simply used 500g of tinned chickpeas. If you soak 500g of dried chickpeas overnight their resulting mass is more like 1kg!!!

At this point I was rather… err… irritated! It was also at this time that my parents returned home from the cinema. After explain what had happened (they thought it was rather amusing) I promptly did a disappearing act to the pub with Dave as I couldn’t stand to be in the same room as that damn soup any longer than I had to.

The moral of the story? When following a recipe don’t just follow what it says, understand what it implies. There may be somethings you need to think about that aren’t explicitly laid out on the page.

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