Feb 11 2004

Calendars, Classes and a Frequented Website

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As you may or may not have realised, this site is not exactly fuly functional. This of you with an ounce of knowledge about dynamic websites and PHP programming will probably have realised that this site (atleast the Blog section) is just static HTML. I have been meaning to do something about this for some time now and – in a round about sort of way – I have been getting closer to that target.

I have recently been trying to pull together all the components that will enable me to complete this site. So far I have got the Mojavi MVC-framework to handle page requests, user input validation, etc. The PEAR library for all database/xml handling, etc. I had the Smarty template engine, which I have come to know and love, for rendering the HTML.

But what I was really looking for was a calendar. I didn’t want just any-old plug-and-play off the shelf calendar. It had to do exactly what I wanted, format the output just how I wanted, it had to be able to highlight the days I wanted, have links for the days with items.

No I think I am finally found what I was looking for. And where did I find it? Where else but in the PEAR library. To think, it had been under my nose all this time and I couldn’t even seen it. What really surprised me about the calendar though is who the author is…. none other than Harry Fuecks!!! My god, don’t you know anything. He’s the guy that runs the phpPatterns website!

I’ve been following Harrys website since just about when it started. I used some of the information he’s posted on his site about OOP with PHP in my final year project. He’s also published an array (or is that a vector?) of books about PHP and web-services. If I’ve got a PHP design problem, I generally go to his site where I’m almost certain to find the answer.

I’d just like to say Thanks Harry! You make designing PHP web-apps a pleasure.

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