Oct 19 2004

Mojavi 3.0.0-DEV API documentation

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Sean Kerr (the guy that created Mojavi) has release the API documentation for Mojavi 3.0.0-DEV.

Mojavi 3.0.0-DEV is the Mojavi framework for PHP 5. According to Sean:

The latest stable version is 2.0.0. Because of the request for a PHP 5.0 compatible version of Mojavi, development has been started on Mojavi 3.0. Mojavi 3.0 will take full advantage of PHP 5.0′s new object-oriented features and will be developed in the 3.0.0 branch.

I guess I’ll have to start work now on making sure that MojaviBuilder can generate Mojavi 3 compliant class files. Maybe this would be a good time to get MojaviBuilder 2 back on track after putting it on the back shelf for a while.

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