Feb 18 2004

ISO Country Listings

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I just found out who it is that controls the official international country list as used for country lists on websites, etc. The list is controlled by the ISO-3166/MA who have control over the ISO-3166 standard.

If you know me, you probably know that I get really pee’d off when a website does not include Guernsey in its address forms. This is because most websites base their lists on the ISO-3166 list. Therefore if Guernsey is not in the list, Guernsey does not appear on websites. And surprise, suprise! Guernsey is not on that list!!!

So what can I do about it? Well, I’ve just written to the ISO-3166/MA group to find out if it would be possible to get Guernsey, or even the Channel Islands, included on the ISO-3166 list.

Watch this space to find out what happens!

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